Australian Federal Election 21 May 2022

Oh no - I think I’m getting an election.

This (satirical) video sums up the last 6 years with the current incumbents:

The Australian Government - "Putting the ‘n’ back in ‘cuts’ ".

That’s amazing. Almost makes me want to suffer in Australia rather than anywhere else!

I wish America had adds like these.

I know less than nothing about Australian politics, but I really pine for y’alls ranked choice and parliamentary system.

The outro really freaked me out, because I was so sure all their voices were completely overdubbed, and then she just kept talking in the same voice…

Your instincts are correct - they do overdub the all voices for comedic effect. It makes everything look a little less professional.

Comments on the Australian government response to recent floods:

Comments on the Australian government response to COVID:

It’s certainly not perfect. I do think our compulsory voting system is a good thing, and of course it’s the conservative parties that try to get rid of it.

I am disappointed by how many people don’t seem to understand RCV - we covered it in high school.

The argument about people who know nothing voting - you don’t have to vote. You just have to shove your paper in a box. Blank, spoiled, valid, whatever. I do sometimes think there should be a box at the bottom of the ballots that says “I’m only here because some bastard made me come here on a Saturday, can I go now?”

I don’t think you even have to do that in Oz, I think all you techincally have to do is have your name marked off at a polling location.

The Marshawn Lynch strategy!

Ecuador also has mandatory voting for all citizens, and beyond that permits lawful permanent residents to vote, on the grounds that they’re also subject to the taxes and laws of the country so should have a say.

2 Polls came out this morning showing a tightening of voter preference. So much stress about Saturday…

How could anyone in their right mind think preferencing LAB was the way to go for months and then change their mind back in the last few days? It’s easier for me to conceive of liberal voters as those whose brain has become a spongy mush from decades of Murdoch propaganda, swing voters are much harder to comprehend.

This will make you feel even worse (you’re welcome in advance.) It’s a super long twitter thread focusing on climate. I doubt anyone will bother to no one will read it, but holy shit.

Edit: Rolled up version

Oh I have been living this stuff every day. The worst part of Australia was that a previous government legislated a carbon tax that would have had a real meaningful difference, and it operated for 3 years (I think) without any problems. Then the liberals get in and dismantle it.

People are the worst.

Choosing the evil you don’t know, or the evil you know, it is classic Sophie’s choice.

Psst vote for Australian Greens.

(From an avowed foreign agent trying to influence Australia’s election.)

Labor has some real problems, but if you put aside the poor souls who suffer from our immigration policy (which Labor used to oppose but quickly realised they will lose every election that they don’t follow the liberals nazi-esque policy on this, so I think the people of Australia deserve more blame than Labor on this) and the fact that Labor are trying to make the difference between them and the liberals small as possible as an election strategy, it is very far from Sophie’s choice.

Exactly what I plan to do.

As despairing as I am, there is real hope for a bright spark this Saturday regarding Australia and the environment. The teal independents are running in safe liberal seats on the two issues of the environment and corruption, and a whole bunch of them are polling really well. If they are very successful it COULD be the structural break Australian politics needs to stop destroying its environment.

Apologies, a bit presumptive of me.

That they are.

Browsing the Australia subreddit, seems to be a lot of anxiety there too. Hoping for the best ((UK recently had parliamentary elections and the Tories got their clock cleaned. It looks like whatever party happens to be in power is getting punished at the polls (even Labor in NZ is polling poorly atm.))

So the Labor “how to vote” card in my electorate puts the Libs 3rd out of 7… any guesses which state I’m in?

Queensland - which is a great place, until you get reminded every federal election that it’s full of horrible people…

One of the Australian pols running for election admitted to supporting Kiwifarms. Kiwifarms might be the actual worst place on the internet, its whole existence is to dox and harm others.

Not that familiar with Aussie politics, but she seems like a Madison Cawthorn type- is that accurate?