Auto Assault Beta on Fileplanet

Has anyone played this? Is it worth the two hour download? It seems like a cool idea to those of us who remember “Roadwar 2000”.

I got into the beta a while back and they said the beta servers were only up for like 2 hours on Wednesday nights and at some random time on the weekends.

I remember laughing and deleting the email.


The beta was up for two 24-hour periods a week as of a few weeks ago (at least). It might be more now for this Fileplanet thing.

I like the game quite a bit, and will be buying it when it comes out. It’s pretty much WoW with cars, but I have no problem with that. It’s not simmy at all, so don’t expect to seriously tweak your car any more than you tweak your WoW character or pull off any fancy maneuvers and have them really matter, but it’s a lot of fun.

I’m downloading it now. It will take awhile though.

It’s nothing like Roadwar 2000 of course, that was a strategy game (awesome game for it’s time though). It’s also not much like i76 either (to hit is not done via collision, it’s a stat based system, you only have to be in range also no first person driving). It is certainly an MMORPG, you quest and grind and level, but you do it in a car at speed in an absolutely beautiful world (it’s not pretty, but the graphics are indeed well done) where everything blows up. It is certainly worth checking out. It didn’t grab me, but it turns out I don’t like MMORPGs that much to begin with (I burned out on playing games that take place in a world full of random idiots long ago).

I wish someone would make a single player RPG that is a cross between this and i76. One big open world to drive around in with lots of RPG story and character development.

I’ve been in the beta since early June and thought AA was rubbish. I finally deleted a couple weeks ago when they decided beta testers could only test once a week and preorders could ‘test’ twice a week.

The game just never grabbed me. You ride around and circle strafe everything. That’s more or less the entire game. The mechanic never really seems to change much. It’s like that ‘30 seconds of repeated fun’ from Halo, except this really wasn’t much fun to me.

I had quite a bit of fun with it, but in small doses at a time. There’s just something about smashing your battletruck through a fence and the buidling behind it, setting everything around you on fire with your flamethrower and running over the scattering infantry at their camp. Or running in a convoy (party) of player vehicles, cruising down post-apocalyptic highways while hunting down a marauding mass of enemy vehicles. How a relatively organized formation goes to complete hell upon the initial contact with a large enemy group, and it turns into a chaotic swirl that’s equal parts dogfight and demolition derby. Of FINALLY getting both the level and the money required to trade in your well-used junker for the new hotness at the car dealership. Of subsequently tricking out your new ride with a new paint job, spoiler, and various spikes and glowy things. Of strapping on that new buzzsaw launcher you picked up as loot onto your front bumper.

Granted, these are the moments in the beta that stick with me and make me smile. Like I said earlier, this is great in small doses. The problem lies in the boring downtime running around town on foot accumulating quests, or being at that level where you’re too low to really deal with the quests you have, but too high to really enjoy smashing the enemies you can easily grind. Of trying to figure out and deal with the needlessly obtuse crafting system.

Ultimately, though, it’s a post-apocalyptic car combat game. It’s Mad Max: Online. There’s nothing else out there like it at the moment. Therefore, even if I only play it in small doses at a time, I’ll probably end up picking it up as soon as it’s released.

I played it quite a bit and as much as I love MMORPGs, this one is ass. They had the opportunity to do something unique with the game, but it is really just an EQ clone with only FOUR classes to pick from (fighter, thief, cleric, wizard) and three factions. The speed that they have captured is nice, but the game is otherwise not an automobile game, despite what the graphics may tell you.

Tried it out. I didn’t care for it. I didn’t fine anything wrong with it, just not anything that will interest me.

How can you take a game idea “Massively Multiplayer Car Wars” and turn it into EQ with wheels? Lame.

That pretty much sums it up. I guess I was looking for a massive i76 and AA really does end up being EQ with RC cars. The engine has great potential, but the game mechanics are lacking. As just another MMORPG it’s ok, but I wanted something more.