Avant = buggy?

So I installed Avant, on the advice of many folks here, and while in theory I like it a lot better than IE (all windows open maximized, tabbed browsing, etc.), it seems generally less stable than IE, which is kind of a bummer. I’m running it on two machines–both Win XP, one of them a completely clean installation. It has the same problems on both. Sometimes when I type in a URL, it just refreshes the current page rather than going to the new one. The Address bar just refuses to work until you load a new page by clicking on a link. Then it’s fine again… until the next time it happens. Sometimes it breaks my laptop’s connection to my wireless network. Actually, I don’t know that Avant is to blame for that, but it’s never happened before, and Avant is the only thing I’ve put on the laptop since I added it to the network, and it only happens when Avant is running. When that happens, I generally have to reboot before I can connect again. Worst of all, the iexplore process seems to have some sort of memory leak. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger (I’ve seen it eat up as much as 300 MB, even with no browser windows open), and sometimes continues to run after I shut Avant down, and has to be terminated manually.

So, anyone else having these problems? I’ve heard a lot of great things about how it’s supposed ot be so much better than IE, but so far I’m not too impressed, even though I like the interface.

I think Avant is just a newer version of Crazy Browser, which had its last released version around a year ago. It’s done by the same guy, and it’s perfectly stable. It also has many of the same features, i.e. all windows open maximized, tabbed browsing, built-in popup blocker, and all on the IE code. I highly recommend it.

It crashes on me occasionally, but the functionality is so nice I can’t go back to plain IE.

There was one particular website that would always crash AvantBrowser, but other than that I haven’t had any problems.

Long time Avant user, with very few complaints about it. I can’t rearrange my favorites the way I want, that’s my biggest gripe. And once in a great while, some page just refuses to open, usually heavy duty pages like ISmap or the advanced Pages Jaunes where you enter some values and the page is generated on the fly, like figuring out an itinerary. I just try it with IE when that happens. Other than that, I’m very happy with it, no crash bugs.


I haven’t notice Avant crash any more than IE did. Occassionally it’ll freeze up, but just force quit the app in the task manager and restart.

Anderson Che also does a good job of churning out new builds ever few weeks to fix bugs and add new features. Make sure to email him the sites you have trouble with so he can fix it.

I love Avant. It’s to XP what Safari is on my PowerBook.