Avoiding theaters--good rentals lately?

From reading some of the recent posts, it seems a lot of you are like me; you’re kind of fed up with the theater going experience. If it’s not the commercials, it’s the people in the theater–as I get older, I find I have less and less tolerance for people talking through a movie. Instead of finding out if my rage bubble will pop, and I’ll murder someone in their seat, while they’re pinned there because of sticky popcorn goo holding their feet in place, I just avoid theaters now.

Last movie I saw in theaters was Matrix Reloaded; I travel fairly often, and I always make sure my hotel has pay per view, so I usually just watch the newer releases there (and I don’t bring a VCR and record them, I swear).

So, I find myself renting movies more often–not the theater stuff, either, I’ve been renting a lot of direct to video stuff. It’s how I discovered Equilibrium (which I later found out had a very short theater run), which was a great film. Also how I just found Nemesis Game, which was a pretty decent thriller; and unlike most big movies, didn’t force the leads to get into some predictable romance, sex crap. Straight forward.

So . . . any good rentals recently? Make any discoveries?

Everything seems to be the same ol’ cookie cutter crap right now. But if you haven’t yet, and you liked the 1st one, I say check out Final Destination 2. By no means a great movie, but certainly fun if you like that sort of thing.