Avowed - out Elder Scrolls Bethesda by Obsidian?

I’ll take my dozens of hours over your five minutes.


Also I realized after I posted that I wasn’t sure if I played Vermentide 1 or 2. So it’s possible I played the wrong one and don’t know about huge improvements that made it not feel janky.

The snippet in first person looks like the recent Underworld Ascendant.

Meh. Call me when there’s some gameplay or story details.

I’m in. The brief game play looks like almost fantasy Bioshock and as a fan of just about every Obsidian game I’m curious to how they’ll approach it.

Ahh yisss, I haven’t seen magic rune writing since Arx Fatalis.

I always like to see new open world games. Mostly this trailer is hype. I sure hope to see actual game play soon and a release date.

Personally, I’d never waste more than 5 minutes on Vermintide 2.

Obsidian really has a naming problem recently.

Wait till they reveal their new shooter HayLow

Maybe they’re trying to make un-meme-able names.

An Elder Scrolls like open world RPG by Obsidian set in the Pillars of Eternity world?

If they bring back Justin E. Bell (Outer Worlds) to do the music then I will pay to have this injected directly into my brain.

Just checked Justin’s Twitter…GET IN MAH EARS!!!

Looks ok so far. I don’t give a damn about the story, I get good stories from books. I need good gameplay mechanics, particularly combat and stealth, (balanced) exploration based on risk/reward and meaningful/complex itemisation.

At least they didn’t call it the Outer Wealds.

Since this is PoE world I hope there will be guns to play with.

I hope they make a turn based first person combat option.

Oh, gross, that would be terrible.

Well, some way to slow down the action via V.A.T.S.-like option wouldn’t be a bad thing.

To expand on that though, when Skyrim first came out, even though I loved the combat compared to something like Morrowind and Oblivion, the main problem with it was having to pause all the time to go into the menu during fights. That really disrupted the flow and feel of the combat. So I’m in the shadows, I’m shooting my bow and arrow, and eliminate a few enemies, but the rest get to me, I go into the menu and switch to sword and shield, go back into the fight, they thud against my shield and I power whack them with the sword, they get a hit or five on me, I go back into the menu and switch to a healing spell. Go back into the live game and cast the healing spell on myself, go back into the menu and switch back to sword and board, go back to the live game. Etc.

That was addressed somewhat when the Kinect patch came out. Then I could switch weapons by giving a verbal command, I could “Fus Do Rah” or whatever verbally, though they had a dedicated button for that already. But I really did enjoy not having combat disrupted over and over by minimizing the menu.

Superhot! That was a fun and unique game.


(sorry, someone had to)