Awesome stardock deals

I bought SR Complete just for the Reboot; like others I had the original but $4 for just the expansion is well worth it.

Impulse installed Complete to a different directory than SR2. Out of curiousity I took an old save game from the original and put it in the SR Complete save folder. The Rebooted version seems to run fine with so far, so it seems you can enjoy the expansion without necessarily having to start from square one.

Anyone played Aftermath? Worth $10?

Can euros buy Space Rangers 2 already? last time I tried to buy it through Impulse there was a regional lock.

ok, I must buy Star Rangers 2 for that.

Count me sold on SR2 Complete. I loved the original, and haven’t been able to find the disk. Going to an impulse install + SR2 complete for $4 is completely worth it.

I got SR2 on Impulse this summer and had to enter my reg code in a box that a little button in the upper right brings up when clicked. Something like “manage registrations”.

Not ideal, and I complained to them about it.

Is there an option for them to ship a dvd/cd as well?

I don’t believe so.

Some foreign guy talked about it. There is also a link to a demo in the article.

I bought it yesterday but not played it yet.

Supreme Commander: All the personality of a dead dog, all the force of a floppy dick.

Hey Brad, can I get a refund? This game sucks =(

Damn, I was hoping for a sale on the Ultimate GalCivII bundle.

If you have VMWare Fusion, it looks like SR2 Complete now runs. I just tested the main game and land battles (where the game broke before.) SR2, because much of it is turn based, is great for a laptop game. The RTS portion is a little harder without a mouse, but doable.

I have so few games (read: Civ IV) on my Mac, it’s nice to have something else.

I am european, and i could do it.

Yeah, that’s holding me back too. Slightly tempted to grab Political Machine and SR2, buuuuuut I already have the first Political Machine so a new one would just be a slight upgrade, and I already have SR2 so I’d mostly just be buying the expansion. Not really sure I wanna do that for another download client thingamabob.

Impulse is great. Like Steam it remembers your purchases so you can download them anytime in the future on any machine, and it doesn’t require the client running to use the game (meaning it only needs the internet for installs and updates, never when running games).

Yeah, the nice thing about Impulse is that you can get rid of it after installing. If you want to treat it like an installer, you can. Space Rangers Complete for 4 bucks – DO IT.

I’m in the UK and I just bought it.

Thanks for the lnk!

The game doesn’t support left-handed mouse. It also has a spot very early in the tutorial where it won’t go forward unless you double=click something, but it doesn’t recognize the double-click, so it just gets stuck.

I think I will pass on this one :)

I saw the offer in the newsletter and had to buy SR2 …

for the 3rd time. Threw out one copy because of the Starforce, lost the second DRM free one during a divorce, and now finally I have one DRM-free I can’t lose!! And, it was the cheapest one. Yay!

I just bought SR2 myself and I’m posting that it’s the smoothest online purchase I’ve ever made because it actually shows the actual cost in my local currency (Malaysian Ringgit) before I even check out the item.