Awesome stardock deals

Shesh, what a great xmas gift, thanks brad.

4 bucks each:
Space Rangers 2 Complete
Gal Civ 1: Ultimate Edition
Political Machine 2008

Plus a few other deals

Star Rangers 2 + Expansion - Starforce for $4? Now that’s a goddamn deal.

The space rangers deal is great, everyone should buy that for 4 bucks.

I never did play the expansion, and now I have no excuse. Thanks much to Brad and Angrycoder!

Regardless of its very low price point, convince me as to why I should buy Space Rangers 2 (even though I’m reading some pretty good reviews at the moment).

It is well documented that any item costing less than five dollars is free.

Also, I have a tremendous amount of debt. Just so we’re clear.

Just check out QT3’s enormous thread on the game. You’ll learn all you need from it.

It was worth $50 and infesting my computer with Starforce. Since the Impulse purchase is DRM-free and $4, you should really be buying it and six copies for your friends.

Brad should probably get someone to check the code for the on sale part of Impulse. Those deals don’t really look that good.

The game has a really steep difficulty curve, and I couldn’t even win the fight in the tutorial, and I never really got a handle on what I was supposed to do in order to do well in the game. Unless you’re willing to put a serious time commitment into the game, I wouldn’t recommend it.

If you are willing to put in a serious time commitment to really learn the game, then as Dave Markell said above, there’s some extensive research to be done on Qt3 threads. Lots of good advice, but it has to be ferreted out.

I personally decided it wasn’t worth it for me because I didn’t really have fun with the RTS portion of the game, or the space combat portion. The text adventure thing was kind of okay. On the other hand, maybe if I had known what I was doing, and the game didn’t seem so cryptic and confusing I would have had more fun with the combat. That’d be my guess, since everyone here likes the game so much, I can only conclude that if I’d taken the time to decipher the game, it would have paid me back handsomely.

But if you don’t have that kind of time and patience, skip it.

Is the site working for anyone? I can add one item to my cart, and then it won’t let me continue shopping or checkout.

That’s really a nice deal and all (despite Space Rangers, which I hate :P) but like with Good Old Games it would be more interesting if I wouldn’t already own all (or in the case of GOG almost all) of those games.

I always feel a little sad with all this talk about hot new games which leave me completely cold… like I am becoming detached from the gaming world.
Then again Stardock and others prove that I’m just into a different niche and can still be an avid gamer while ignoring the boring mainstream.
That I fulfil the cliche of the mainstream hating niche gamer is just a bonus. ;)

Go Stardock!

Just bought SR2 at that foolishly good price. Never played the expansion so I’m really looking forward to it.

yup, I just bought SR2 too… I love the game… but didn’t get to play the expansion - so THIS IS A GOOD DEAL! and I read I could play at higher res… so w00t!

The only thing I dread - yet another client to install… do I need Impulse running like Steam?

Tar breaking CRCs! This is like the day the first Prince of Persia came.
lounges at the night stand
Where’s my AmEx? It’s GO TIME!

Hmm… I paid for Space Rangers 2 and received a registration code.
When I launched Impulse, I have to “Add Registration”… but when I clicked on the “Product” drop down box, I don’t see Space Rangers… What happened? No wonder I like Steam. The experience in Steam is seamless.

I also bought it, and it was seamless like Steam. I opened Impulse, i clicked in the game, went tot checkout, entered my visa details, then the game appeared magically in the games section and began downloading. 215K/s on average, it finished, and now i am playing it.

I didn’t buy it from within Impulse. I bought it from a browser.

If you have an Impulse account already, it should show up in your games list next time you start the client. Same thing happened to me - I had Impulse open but bought SR2 in a browser.