Bad Boys for Life

Will Smith just posted the first official photo from the set. It’s an odd photo to go with.

The years have taken their toll

Those Skittles add up.

Not directed by Michael Bay. Huh. In that case, color me interested (which means I won’t watch the trailer).

Did anyone else see this? Maybe it’s the benefit of low expectations, but I thought is was pretty good.

It’s nothing exceptional, and it doesn’t have Bay’s…uh deranged excess which makes it less memorable, but also it doesn’t make you feel like you’ve stared into the depths of hell like Bad Boys 2 did. It tries to care about things like characters and has actual quiet moments, quite a few of the jokes landed, there are some nifty action beats and effective shocking moments of violence.

Seems to have done real well with a 60 million opening on a 90 million budget, so who knows, maybe there’ll be fourth one.

The Ringer had a good review arguing this was the perfect “theater” movie, and not a good “Netflix” movie. In other words, if you can see it in a packed cinema, do so, because the laughter-is-contagious multipliers really kick-in.

I just got home from the (less than half packed) cinema and that contagiousness still worked - because lot of scenes really are funny as hell and Lawrence + Smith have perfect chemistry.
Plus some good action, surprisingly well working serious moments…it was like a return to classic 90s action movies (Lethal Weapon, Last Boy Scout, Bad Boys…), I was pleasantly surprised.

Yeah, this was far better than anyone should have expected.

This is being released early for home video today. I have to admit I’m tempted. I was a fan of the original. One of the few Michael Bay movies I actually enjoyed.

I’ve never seen the sequel though, because I generally hate Michael Bay movies. I should probably track that down first before I see this one, even if sucks.

You could just watch Hot Fuzz in place of Bad Boys 2 and then move on to 3.

I did do that (watched Hot Fuzz). Funny thing is, Bad Boys 2 is such a big part of that movie, it was the first time I actually wanted to watch Bad Boys 2. But clearly not that much.

I think I’ve seen all the BB movies, anyway I just watched BBz4Life and it was just ok. The buddy cop chemistry between Will and Martin didn’t seem as good as I recall from the previous movies. The comedy moments were weak.

Lots of explosions and I liked the AMMO squad.