Bad computer parenting

No Man’s Sky has been crashing once a day for the last week. Today I finally pulled out my case to see if dust was an issue. My radiator for water cooling was a solid fuzzy mess on the bottom. There was so much dust I’m surprised it cooled at all.

I feel like such a bad computer parent.

I thought this was going to be about letting our kids play around on the laptops or ipads way too much after their zoom classes during quarantine!

It’s exactly this kind of paranoia that makes me dust out my PC quarterly.

Twice a year I take my PC outside and blast it with the leaf blower.

I wanted to do that but we’re in the middle of what feels like a typhoon lol. Leaf blower, for real? That would certainly be more effective than my small electric air canister blower.

I wondered how many posts it would take before someone something to that affect :)

I’ve had it with basement dust since working from home and a decent HEPA purifier is arriving Tuesday. Besides feeling better, I’m excited about not having to clean out the computers quite as often. Hopefully.

What did you get? Post a link?

I got an Air Choice model.

I’m not super confident I picked the best one, but it had the most reassuring reviews in my search filter for price range, microns, and review score.

virtual high five!

I use this one:

Stories like this are what ultimately scared me off of water cooling. I just went with a massive cpu fan/heat sink and it’s quiet and amazingly cool. Not that it’s infallible, of course, but at least to me it feels like a more long term/hands off solution than water cooling, reading up on the cons to that tech.

Luckily I have this.


3d mobile

vapor chamber

Temperature uniformity chambers are commonly used with high-performance, high-voltage graphics cards to increase cooling efficiency.

The ROG-exclusive 3D mobile Vapor Chamber, together with the copper heat pipe, creates an effective and efficient cooling system that helps improve GPU performance by up to 6 percent for smooth and stable gaming.

3D Vapor Chamber featured on the ROG G752VY only.

efficient dust-release

thermal tunnel

ROG G752 has a unique thermal design that directs dust into a dust-release tunnel to keep it away from internal components. This prolongs component lifespan and ehances the overall stability of the laptop.

I usually clean my desktop twice a year or so, but I just got to thinking about the laptops. They must be drowning in dust.

I have a 8 gallon air compressor in my garage. Standard thing you would use to inflate car tires. But I use it more to dust out my computers than anything else.

But at least you know you’re not the worse computer parent:

Interesting timing on the thread. Yesterday I took my out to the driveway and blew it out with a shop-vac. Wasn’t a lot of dust (none in the GPU cooler even), but I still like to do it once a year or so. I had to do it more often back when I had cases without dust filters.

Heat sinks on air coolers can accumulate dust too, so it’s a good idea to clean or at least check them periodically.

Not to say I never blow my dust out of my PC, of course.

I get like two uses out of canned air and then it’s empty.


Stop inhaling that stuff. it’s bad for you.

It’s not medical grade. And everyone (hopefully) knows not to take it straight from the bottle.

I heard that you should use it with hydroxychloroquine and chlorine. All the best people say so.