Baen Webscriptions

I know a few people here read SciFi/Fantasy for some reason and are aware of Baen’s Webscriptions.

One feature of Webscriptions is that if you purchase a month (possibly even a single book) you can gift a copy to a person who doesn’t have an Webscription account. At the time of purchase.

The goal is to get new addicts to Webscriptions. And since they have been doing this for the past 10 years I can only assume it works.

So thought maybe a thread where people who do buy Webscriptions could announce that they can gift out a Webscription purchase to someone who doesn’t have a Webscription account. I believe that if Purchase say January’s Webscription I can gift the same month to another person but I haven’t used the option in so long I am not 100% sure.

So in my case. I reviewed the soon to be release months and plan on purchasing every month from January to May (other months not posted yet and I already picked up December’s)

So if someone wants it gifted to them PM me with their email address and include the month in question.

I will update this post with information as I receive it.

And recommend that if anyone else also purchases from Baen that they also add their own post.

Please note that I generally purchase a month around the 15 of the previous month as that is when Baen usually releases the full copy for download. IE around 12/15 (can vary) I will be able to purchase and download all of January’s Webscription. So I tend not to buy until I can then immediately download the full book.

January: Available
February: Available
March: Available
April: Available
May: Available

Since the goal of this is to get new addicts, I will not hand out multiple months to a single person who provides multiple email addresses. That would be cheating.

Since I’m already a Baen addict, I’ll vouch for how this works but not take advantage of your offer.