Barbie and Ken have split up?

Inane and meaningless, true, but it does provide an amusing diversion:

My guess is Barbie caught Ken downloading Bratz porn.

[size=1](Yes, I do have a daughter as evidenced by my actually knowing doll brand names…)[/size]

Their relationship has been a facade all these years. Ken’s gay. I’ve seen some of his outfits. Definitely gay.

Were you checking him out? :wink:

This is another sign of the degradation of American values and society.

Hey, at least we still have Romero to look up t…oh, wait. Nevermind.

Fuck shit wank bollocks arse tits.

Ok, who forgot to give Gary his medecine? We’ve got choggo pants, porn links, and now random curses all strung together.

She turns 45 this year. Used-up old hag.

This is just the precursor to Mattel’s release of Barbie’s The Bachelorette line of dolls. They’ll soon be teaching our little girls to maintain stocks of men!

Sounds like an Uncle Jack to me. Have you been drinking the Windex again?

Girls! Drink! Arse! Feck!

Aw crap, they’ve got Pjerrot too! Don’t give in! Fight it, fight the urge!!

Apparently Ken is not handling the breakup well.

Yeesh. Crazy Texans.

Wow, that’s weird. Maybe Ken should seek help. Like a doctor, or a shotgun, or something…