Bards Tale IV announced


Looking a the spells available, Wizards seem far, far more useful than Sorcerers, who seem rather pathetic. I’m not really sure why I’d want one except for maybe the spell that brings a dead character back to life. Some of the summons spells might be useful if I didn’t already have a caster in the 7th slot. I really question if dropping a caster for the ability to summon would be a more effective approach. I like having all those extra spell points and spells to use.

Up to level 11 and spell level 6 now. My front liners have some better stuff finally. Mithril plate, shield ring, mithril bracers, etc.


You’ve got that backwards; it’s Wizards who get summons and the raise dead, the Sorceror’s who have more overall versatility (some key party buffs, lots of damage especially the hit-everything MIBL). You’re not wrong but a few comments:

  1. REDE (Repel Dead, Wizard 1) is pretty awesome. It does way more damage than MIBL and it’s cheap. And undead are nasty in this game. You’ll never get the ability to heal a number of conditions they inflict, and later undead level drain.

  2. In the classic games, you only got six party slots and had an S slot that could be filled by summons or a wandering monster. the Wizard got, by far, the best means to fill that slot: GRSU (summons a greater demon or occasionally a Demon Lord). The Demon Lord was pretty awesome. Nigh unkillable, powerful, and usually does a very awesome group attack (a breath attack). Yes you get a lot of blasts from casters but he was still very powerful. Obviously that’s not a huge consideration here since you can just toss in another PC.

  3. BEDE is very important, as is DISP. DISP is the only way to remove possession (which is rare, granted) without going back to town.

  4. Because there’s no Legacy stuff yet, Wizards get spells from their BT 2 spell list and get a huge damage upgrade. Ironically, because we’ve only partially implemented BT 2 mechanics, this is sort of a double-buff (in the second game, their damage spells have specific ranges rendering them ok to very good overall but in BT 1 they can just hit anything).

  5. You do need them to get Archmage. Which is only a BT 2 thing (and BT 3), but it’s possible they back ported Archmage to BT 1 (or some of it).

Overall, Sorcerers are better. Also in the classics you could class change out of Co/Ma and eventually back into the class you already “completed”, if memory serves. You started over at 1 but it’s a much easier leveling experience than So or Wi. That’s not possible here, so the best order is Co/Ma -> So -> Wi -> whichever you didn’t start with. Also I swear I think Ma got a sligtt xp break over Co but I might be wrong.

Very nice.


You say that, but really WIDR is often better. Because Red Dragons don’t waste half their turns trying to summon shit and they really like to breathe fire on things. I don’t recall Demons summoning at all in the OG, so I assume this is a change that came about because of BT2/3 mechanics? Liches are pretty garbage for the same reason (and that they don’t like… cast spells, they just hit one thing most of the time).

Also, as you alluded to, MIBL is one of the best offensive spells in the entire game only really falling off a bit at the very, very end and even then it’s still pretty useful if you have 2+ people casting it.


On the Apple II version illusionary monsters tended to get disbelieved whenever a stiff breeze wandered by, so I stopped messing with them.


Yeah that happened fairly often so the Demon Lord was better. Also, like I said, I’m fairly sure he didn’t try to summon since it was impossible with only one summon slot.

In the rework I’ve never had a dragon get disbelieved that I noticed. They die fairly often, but not really any more than Demons and they breathe fire almost every round so even if you resummoned every 4 fights or so, it’s still better than casting AoEs yourself since their breath is insanely strong. It generally kills any group it targets regardless of what they are.

I summoned a Demon Lord last time I played and he tried to summon 4 times in a row one fight. Next fight he physically attacked 3 times. Then he died to a stone trap. I summoned a Red Dragon that breathed fire non-stop and killed 200+ guys to the Demon Lord’s 3.


So this is officially releasing Tuesday, 9/18.

I backed on Kickstarter, so should receive a key on the 18th or 19th. I am excited, but I may also wait a week or two to play until the inevitable initial launch issues get patched. Anyone who was in the beta care to share their recent impressions?


I got my key but am out sick, sorry


I got my key for BT IV, and apparently I was owed a key to the remasters as well. This comes out on Tuesday, so I guess I’ll check it out.

Hopefully someone good wrote the beginning of the game, and it really grabs me right out of the gate.


I haven’t received my key yet. Should I be worried?


Possibly? There’s a decent chance that you have to go into their link, re open your survey, and choose between Steam and GOG. Once I did that, I had my key within 5-10 minutes.


They didn’t send my keys either, I’m currently waiting on crowdox to respond after Inxile gave up.


Oh, damn, you guys made me realize that mine didn’t come in, either :(


I didn’t receive a key at first, just an email letting me know the game was releasing and that my Kickstarter key was ready. Check your spam folders for an email like that from CrowdOx/InExile. Once I clicked the link in the first email to go to my CrowdOx profile, I was able to pick between Steam key and GOG key. It took about an hour or so after I saved that choice for the second email which actually contained my Steam key to show up. Again, check your spam folder.


To be clear, I did actually get that email and made the choice, but the key never showed up after that.


Huh…weird. I’m out of guesses then. It did take a while for my next email with the key to appear, but it did appear the same day. Maybe they ran into an issue with the Steam keys, though mine seemed to register just fine. Can’t pre-install though, which is a bummer.


Yep, same here. Contact crowdox right away.

Did you get the “early bard gets the wyrm” package? That’s what I backed.

Edit: Crowdox just responded to me, saying they know about the issue, are working on it, and I should get my keys today.

Edit2: And I just got my keys. I think what did it was clicking on the link and choosing to re-take the survey. Or maybe crowdox fixed it, they happened at the same time.


Thanks, I contacted support (nothing in my spam folders) so let’s see what happens now.


I would love to see this happen! It would be a nice career capstone before Fargo retires.


I haven’t received my key either. I’ve already gone back to the link and resubmitted it, but I’ll see if anything happens in the next bit before contacting someone about it. I also had the ‘early bard gets the wyrm’ package.


I had to run my key choice between Steam/GOG three separate times on CrowdOx - when they first put the page up, then again about a month ago, and then again on Monday. Basically it kept forgetting / resetting my choice. They need to get their shit together.

Anyway, after the third time where I re-selected Steam yet again, I finally got my key delivered by email after about 15-20 minutes.