Bargain Thread 2017


Are the systems of both games identical? I enjoy the controlled chaos of Pike and Shot.
I only played a few battles, and there wasn’t that much terrain variety, but in truthfulness, the temperate western Europe doesn’t feel very varied to me, and as thus it felt right to me - I would have been more concerned if there had put beaches and tropical bogs in there. I noticed the lack of weather and seasons which could have helped with variety, though.
That being said, the terrain generation itself is top-notch in my experience. It seems to never fail to produce some interesting features, or at least generate a plausible landscape.


I’m not sure if I should get it soon or wait until the DLC comes out. I’m not sure I need Pike and Shot and Field of Glory 2. P&S is only $10 right now so not a big investment, but it is $10 I don’t need to spend if I get FoG 2 now or later.


Thanks Rod.


GOG has lots of Double Fine games on sale right now including Psychonauts for $0.99, Brutal Legend for $1.49, and the great Massive Chalice for $1.99,. Also, Shadow Tactics is $29.99.


After reading some of the reviews for Pike and Shot and Field of Glory 2, I think I’d prefer FoG2. It seems like the rules would be more in line with what I am used to from a wargame. I’ll have to see if I just let the time run out on Pike and Shot’s sale.


Humble Care Package Bundle is live:

$30 Donation nets you 27 Steam games including:

  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Starbound
  • Minecraft : Story Mode
  • Stardew Valley
  • Sorcerer King : Rivals
  • Her Story
  • and many more

MidWeek Madness at Steam features:


$15 USD with a 10% launch discount. It won’t be discounted in the Winter sale because Steam doesn’t allow it if your launch is too close. So I’m hoping people pick it up at launch so we can survive to make another game.

So, Shadowhand will be out before the winter sale. They are supposed to announce the date this week.


Stronghold 2 : Steam Edition is the Fanatical Star Deal today at $10.49 (30%).

Over at IndieGala they’ve unveiled a new Indie Challenge Bundle. 12 Steam games for $3.49. I’ve honestly never heard of any of them.

GreenManGaming has Injustice : Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition for $4.00 (80%)

Pillars of Eternity is the Daily Deal on Steam today at $17.99 (40%). The White March Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 DLC is also 40% off.
I’d wait on this though, as it’s likely to be lower (probably 50% off at least) during the upcoming holiday sales.


Fanatical Star Deal today is the MMO Survival Combat RPG Gloria Victis for $10.99 (45%).

Fanatical also has the Pillars of Eternity Definitive Edition for $29.99 (25%). This edition includes all the DLC (including both White March expansions) and all the Royal Edition content (digital books, making of, soundtrack, ringtones, etc.). Not a bad deal on everything if you’ve waited this long.
Try using FANATICAL10 at checkout to see if they grant an additional 10% off…not sure it will work though.

Humble Store is giving away Killer Is Dead : Nightmare Edition for FREE for a limited time.

They are also hosting a Fall Sale in the Humble Store.
Publisher sales form Rockstar, Deep Silver, Kalypso, TellTale Games, and THQNordic, plus deals on dozens of other games.

Steam has Endless Space 2 FREE to play this weekend. Purchase on sale for $19.99 (50%).

Also FREE to play all weekend is Rainbow Six Siege. Purchase for $19.99 (50%) for the full game, or $7.49 (50%) for the Starter Edition.

If you enjoy Anime games you’ll like the NIS America Publishers Sale happening on Steam this weekend. Lots of discounts on games that make my head hurt just looking at the screenshots… ;-)


Tooth and Tail is $14 today only via


Endless Space 2 free weekend? Cool I’ve been wanting to see if I enjoyed it more than 1, but the lack of discussion on QT3 and Reddit kind of scared me off.


So freaking tempting.


Give in to the temptation.


Also $14 on Humble.


Is that an RTS game?


It is, but it is one that has simplified mechanics. I think you control the army as a whole, not individual units. I listened to a podcast by Tom and one by Three Moves Ahead awhile ago. It sounds like it could be interesting. It’s got a weird setting too.


Xbox Live’s Black Friday sale is up… and terrific


That reminds me – forget who exactly was looking, but the best (and maybe only) Black Friday deal for a PS4 Pro has been posted; Gamestop will have the PS4 Pro for $350 with a $50 Gamestop gift card.


That was me, and I’m thrilled!

Though it seems like there is some confusion as to whether the Pro comes with the gift card or only the Slim. Half the reports I’ve read say both, the other half say just the Slim. The ad itself is a bit ambiguous, but I think it leans towards the latter, unfortunately.


It is, in the spirit of an Herzog Zwei almost, and I’d like to recommend it, but I have yet to find an opponent to play it with to even check if it is enjoyable ;)