Bargain Thread 2017


I saw that Sword Coast Legends has dropped to under 5.00 in steam. I know the reviews are mixed, but how would it compare to an older game, such as Icewind Dale? I don’t mind light on story if the combat is fun and character creation is deep.


Windward is really fun and adorable, definitely worth two bucks.


Now is the time to buy if you are at all interested in Sword Coast Legends, as the developer has closed their shop and their publisher was only contracted to sell through the end of this year, so the game will no longer be available for purchase after December 31st.

$4.95 is a pretty good deal for the game. It got panned on release mainly for people’s disappointment that it wasn’t the spiritual sequel to the Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights franchises that everyone expected it to be. It also released in a fairly buggy and messy state. Numerous updates over time addressed a lot of that though, and a free expansion for it was released in 2016 after the developer shut down (the publisher finished and released the content). The publisher has also released several patches to the game on their own, and recent reviews are much kinder to the game than the initial wave in it’s first year of release.

If you approach it as a singular one-off RPG with some editing tools you’ll probably enjoy it, if you expect it to be a system in which you create modules, host your friends and spend hundreds of hours campaigning, you’ll be disappointed.


Thanks for the news on those deals, @SlainteMhath, this week and every week.
Question for whomever? How’s that Lords of the Fallen* game? I’ve heard it’s an easier, perhaps more generic Dark Souls.

*whose name reminds me of Myth from 20 years ago. ;-)


I definitely was glad I played it and am considering a 2nd playthrough with a different character build, something I rarely do. I didn’t like it as much as Dark Souls, but it was still plenty good. Yeah, it is also easier.


I enjoyed my time with it. I did finish it twice, and it was different enough with the other character that I thought it was worth the second playthrough.

I also played it after Dark Souls 2 and before Dark Souls 3, so it was also a huge graphical upgrade over Dark Souls 1 and 2, which helped in upping my appreciation a lot.


Thank you!


Never even knew this game existed, but I jumped on it. Thanks!


Thanks both. Yeah just bought it as well.


Sword Coast Legends account required to play.

Should I be worried? Will the game still work after the license expires? I am having unpleasant flashbacks of GFWL…


Ass Creed 4 is free until December 18th.


I believe that is for the online/multi-player component. As a single player RPG it shouldn’t need the connection to the servers. In either event, the publisher has said the servers will remain online indefinitely past the December 31st deadline, so for now it doesn’t look like a big concern. If you wait another 3 years to play…who knows. =)


There are a lot of singleplayer games that shouldn’t need a server connection, yet require them anyway. (E.g. Diablo 3). But hopefully this isn’t one of them.


You should have mentioned darklands!

Although, I not sure if I could play it again.


So I bit the bullet and bought the game before it vanishes, and a couple of notes;

You create an account to log into the game the first time you get to the main menu, before selecting any mode to play. In future sessions, it doesn’t ask for any login info. Please note, the login is through the publisher Digital Extremes (which is active), not the development studio (not active). No clue what happens if the publisher goes belly up at some point.

The free DLC doesn’t show up in Steam’s DLC list, but it’s in the game (including Tiefling and Warlock character options)


Don’t forget you can take an additional $0.17 off (making it $1.57) with code WINTER10! ;-)

On Sword Coast Legends, I did a little digging in the Steam forums and it is as @Dan_Theman describes, you create an account with Digital Extremes (publisher) to hook you into the games servers, but if you’re only going to play single player it doesn’t use the account again. You can put Steam in offline mode and play the single player game to your heart’s content, so even if the publisher should fold or shut down the servers, the game is still playable as a single player RPG.

Note, also as Dan mentions, only the developer, N-Space, went under. The publisher, Digital Extremes, is still alive and well, and publishes the popular Warframe online game, so they should be around and have plenty of server resources to keep Sword Coast Legends online presence active for some time to come. Since Digital Extremes has actually been issuing patches for the game and finished the free expansion after N-Space went under, my guess would be that they would issue one final patch to remove the online account requirement (and features) form the game should they ever decide to shut down the servers.


Any idea of the mod scene for this game? That was the promise, much like NWN and NWN 2 (man, those are two games I would love to have on steam with Workshop integrated, but I don’t feel like purchasing them again).


It’s dead, never took off. If you buy it, do so for the singleplayer campaign.

I bought SC:L at release and never installed it, sigh.


Thank you. Probably still will enjoy it. Always liked party based RPGs.

Now, Dwarven Warlock, here I come!


I know how you feel. I already own Darklands on GOG (it’s on sale there right now for $1.49). But the combat graphics looked dated when the game was released in 1992 and they certainly haven’t improved over the past 25 years.

Still, Darklands game hasn’t changed and some day–if I live long enough–I will play it again. It is the best game of its type that I know of.