Bargain Thread 2019

I’m inclined to agree. For people interested in single player, it’s definitely the best of this generation by far.

Stop selling me another game i don’t have time to play, rhamorim!

Seriously though, I’ve always loved this franchise, from the very first back on Dreamcast (and Soul Blade before that, even). The only reason I haven’t snapped this up is that I have a geriatric processor and a GTX 1050 and am concerned it won’t run for crap.

How good is the DLC, or is that more for multiplayer?

The DLC is three characters right now- Tira, 2B, and Amy, the 4th will be Cassandra, and two fairly decent sets of armor if you’re into dressing up your characters (Customization is as good as other SC games)

GTX1050 will run SC6, that’s the min spec for the game, and Namco fighters tend to run below spec. You’ll at least be able to run it on min settings.

The game’s multiplayer is still alive on PC, and should remain stable for a good while, but folks are generally decent at the game so it’s a hard climb on ranked.

I believe the GMG deal includes Tira (according to Slickdeals)

Android & Itunes: Bloons TD 6 is free today.

The Xbox gamepass 3 months for 1$ is back if anyone missed it earlier. Coming soon has new thingies: Void Bastards & Outer Wilds. Windows Store list now includes Wargroove & MvC Infinite.

IndieGala has a Celestial Wars Bundle live for $3.99 (next 20 hours).

  • Of Gods and Men
  • I and Me
  • Graze Counter
  • Rolling in the Reef
  • Axes and Acres
  • Mittelborg : City of Mages

What makes this bundle interesting and worthwhile is that $3.99 is a historic low for Axes and Acres alone.

GreenManGaming Birthday Sale Day 8 Flash Deals include:

  • GTAV - $12.30 plus all GTAV Online packs discounted
  • Ghost Recon : Wildlands - $15.22 plus Season Passes 1 & 2 discounted
  • Kerbal Space Program - $16.00 KSP Making History DLC - $8.39
  • Arizona Sunshine - $20.15

Fanatical Bundle 24-7 Continues. They’ve added yet another blind bundle with the Alpha Mystery Bundle. 3 Mystery Steam Keys for $12.99, supposedly AAA and popular indie titles, but no word yet on results. Their new hook is that 5 random purchases will receive a $400 Special AAA Pack with just released games like Total War : Three Kingdoms, RAGE 2, MK 11, DMC 5, RE 2, Team Sonic Racing, Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Tropico 6.

As if loot bundle gambling wasn’t gross enough for you, Fanatical also has the Viscera Cleanup Detail Complete Bundle for $8.99. Contains the main game and all 3 DLC.

RIME is FREE on the Epic Store starting today through May 30th. On May 30th City of Brass will be the new free game.

Jalopy is free over at Humble.

You can probably find some jalopies for free outside too.

I have Mittleborg on my wishlist, so I sent my $4.00 to IndieGala. So far I haven’t been able to redeem the keys, and the whole site is giving me really sketchy vibes. I’m going to try a bit longer, but I am pretty sure I will have to tell my CC company to cancel the charge.

I’ve bought many things from IndieGala over the years and never had an ounce of trouble. They are legit. They may just be having server issues. Try contacting their support if the issues persist.

Thanks, I managed to hack into my account and get through the black ice to where my Steam keys were. It’s all good now.

Nice Neuromancer allusion!

I wish someone would hurry up and make my VR neuromancer game for me.

The main problem is that the hardware just isn’t there yet. None of the VR helmets on the market right now will actually fry the user’s brain if they fail. :P

It’s always annoying when you have to jack out to use the chem toilet in the coffin hotel.

Nidhogg 2 has a free weekend and $5 sale. The original (currently $3) is a wonderfully sharp minimalist 1v1 dueling platformer.

And the remake is even more fun 1v1, even if the graphics are kinda weird.

Glad you got it worked out.

I like the crew over at IndieGala, they’re nice folks, but their site desperately needs a redesign. It looks like something created by a color blind, coked-up, anime-obsessed teenager.* It’s loud, frenetic, disorganized and difficult to navigate even when you’re used to using it.

I do like their new GalaQuiz feature though. Every day they have a quiz with 10 questions about popular/gaming culture and if you answer all 10 questions correctly you get a cut of a small prize pool. The amount you win depends on the number of people who get all 10 correct, but usually falls in the $2-$4 range, which is enough to snag a free or steeply discounted bundle.

(*) No offense intended to any color blind, coked-up, anime obsessed teenagers who frequent QT3. You are a valued part of our community, just maybe lay off the web design work, OK?

Just noticed that Frozen Synapse 2 is on sale for $20.99 on GOG. I loved the first one, but initially passed on 2. Maybe now is a good time to give it a chance?

Then again my strategy cup runneth over with Imperator Rome and Three Kingdoms.

WinGameStore and MacGameStore (just change the URL) are having a rather large sale. No idea if either store has different deals. I noticed a lot of Paradox games in there, and some $10 discounts on new releases like Rage 2 (Bethesda launcher) and MK11. The standout is probably Risk of Rain 2, discounted for the first time at $15.75. I played it more before the first patch hit than I play 99% of the games I own ever, so there’s my Early Access endorsement.