Bargain Thread 2019

Yeah, that’s something they debuted with GTA V. I ended up paying a bit more just to avoid having that single game stranded on their dumbass launcher.

I don’t have a game collection any more. I have a launcher collection.


Cross posting cuz I am nice like that.

ummm ok! 23% off!

I hope everything is fully sculpted.

That belongs to the Hardware bargain thread.

Who would even buy that.

If it were cheaper I could see giving that to a fellow gamer friend as a humorous gift.

More like who could buy only one?

Oh wow! I wasn’t expecting them to just release a digital version for free!

UPDATE: Oh wowie-wow! This isn’t just the book. It’s got a menu that runs all his old games and prototypes of some of his famous ones.

Maybe he said during the kickstarter that eventually this was going to end up free for the public in digital form, but either way it’s very generous. I always relish the opportunity to look at a designer’s design docs.

Hey all, kinda random and old, but is NFS:The Run (PC) decent enough for a fiver? It’s going for that on Origin right now and looks like a decent arcade racer.

I enjoyed the demo a lot. It had an ice road section where you’re outrunning an avalanche or something. It was fun.

The main game starts off kind of bonkers in the same way, but then has a series of races that weren’t all that interesting, so I never got as far as that ice-track from the demo. It bothered me that even though the route supposedly takes you across the United States, I’ve done that in real life, and the tracks in the game aren’t nearly as impressive as real life USA.

Still, I’d say it’s worth a fiver. I always did plan on getting back to it, and playing at least until that ice track from the demo.

Thanks, @Rock8man. I wonder whether it gets too annoying later in the game, since it does that thing where you start out behind the other drivers. I do know that I bought NFS: Hot Pursuit (2011?) and got annoyed at how bonkers difficult it got after a certain point–you were basically locked out of making further progress unless you got gud. The NFS Most Wanted game (the reboot, not the FMV-licious one with Razor Callahan) was much kinder on that score.

Gateways is currently free on Indiegala (direct download).

Looks neat, thanks for posting it.

I recommend it, it was a nice puzzle/platform game.

Talk about timing, I was just thinking about Sleeping Dogs the other day in the Yakuza 0 thread and currently the Definitive Edition on Steam just happens to be 90% off.

Sleeping Dogs, now with extraditions to mainland China DLC!