Bargain Thread 2019

$15 Amazon credit for Twitch Prime members (which includes Amazon Prime members) after you buy one of these games:
Last of Us Remastered, PS4, $17.98
Sims 4, PC, $39.99
Fallout 76, PS4, $17.00
Starlink Battle for Atlas, Switch, $29.95
Gears of War 4, XBONE/Windows, $9.89

so if you buy the last one you get a free game and a $5 credit.

Was just coming here to post that. Thanks for the $4.23 (after tax), Amazon.

And no, I didn’t bite on F76, even for two dollars. I bought Gears of War and I don’t even own a Xbone.

LOL. I did. I figured my son might enjoy it a tiny bit on the PS4. But, if not, well, two bucks.

They had a free week-long trial last month, and I played more than enough F76. (About 40 minutes.)

Wait, so the credit applies to the game you’re buying?

No, you’ll get a $15 amazon-wide credit in a week. But I mean, you’re gonna spend money at Amazon anyway, right? So you can look at it as a direct credit in your pocket.

How does that GOW4 code work, just register it on the windows store?

Amazon sends you a link direct to microsoft, you login, click a button, and it’s added to your account.

Gotcha, thanks. Will do when I get home. :)

Love taking money from Bezos’ pocket. God knows I’ve put enough in there over the years.

Yeah, you’re right on that score. Is Gears 4 pretty good? I played the first one through on the 360 back when. I’d play it on the PC now… someday.

Given that, I should probably skip it.

LOL! This deal got even better for me since Amazon applied the $5 credit I got for buying a GC on Prime Day, making gears a little over $5 after tax. That $5 credit was going to expire in September, so now I get it replaced with a $15 credit that’s good through December 31st.

Thanks Bezos! (and @wilykat for posting it!)

Beats me, I have no plans to install it, I just wanted Bezos’ five buckaroos.

I don’t know if they sold out of copies or realized their mistake but I GoW is still in the top banner but it is no longer available to buy on that page.

Oh weird, I must’ve just sneaked in before the change. Ridiculous deal on TLOU, easily one of the best PS3/PS4 games ever made.

Yep, everything is over fifteen bucks now. Gotta move fast!

I’ve thought about getting that, since it’s a PS exclusive and so well regarded, but it also sounds like it’s quite the emotional gut punch from what a friend at work tells me about it.

That’s part of what makes it so good, but well worth the journey.