Bargain Thread 2019

Yep and Observer and Alan Wake American Nightmare next week on EGS.


@Jason_McMaster can finally enjoy the best Alan Wake game!

*best being not the best.

Isn’t that the Terraria from a Diablo guy?

Apparently two DLCs are available for free as well.

Thanks, I would have missed that!

Big sale on titles by Rebellion over on Gamer’s Gate, including Season Passes for Sniper Elite games, Strange Brigade, the Nazi Zombie titles etc.:

Tower Defense game Warstone TD is the Star Deal at Fanatical today for $4.49 (70%).

Also at Fanatical, the Syberia Complete Bundle returns. $3.99 for all three titles and DLC.

GreenManGaming has No Man’s Sky for only a penny more than it’s historic low at $24.00 (60%).

GMG also has Generation Zero at a historic low $20.82 (40%).

Also at a historic low, Conan Exiles for $16.40 (59%).

IndieGala Store has a couple of good deals right now as well:

Don’t forget to nab your FREE copy of Surviving Mars from the Epic Store before Thursday. Make sure to scroll down on the store page and grab the Mysteries Resupply Pack DLC and Space Race expansion, both of which are also FREE for whatever reason!

Monster Mash Sale @ Humble Store.

For fighting game enthusiasts Fanatical has 50%-75% off SNK titles this week.

Fanatical also has launched a remix of their Build Your Own Retro Bundle that starts at 5 titles for $1.49.

Starting tomorrow at 11:00AM EST they will be doing something new they are calling the Insanity Sale, which looks like it is flash deals in groups all throughout the day. You can see a screenshot preview of the first 5 deals on the homepage.

The Humble Store Monster Mash Sale @lordkosc mentioned above has a couple of attractive deals:

Steam has Midweek Madness deals live:

Hmm , from the teaser images of the first five flash deals of Fanatical’s sale tomorrow, I see what looks like a Halo title, maybe, and Shadow of Mordor/War but I’m drawing a blank on the others.
Anyone else have any guesses?

Deus Ex is deal #3. I don’t know any of the others.

Deal 4 is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night which I’m currently playing through thanks to Gamepass.

It looked sort of Deus Ex-y but I didn’t think they’d put up such an old title as one of their flash deals.

The first blue & orange pic is from Grey Goo.

Yoku’s for $5 is a steal. What’s Planet Alpha? The screenshots are pretty but the description is… not very descriptive.

Planet Alpha is a Limbo/Inside-alike. You mostly walk right through environments, with some light puzzles. I played it for about 45 minutes, dunno how long it is.

The Steins; Gate games are on sale on steam. Anyone have any strong feelings about them one way or the other? I like some anime, don’t think I’ve ever played a visual novel before.

The original is a stone classic. I dunno if Zero is well-regarded or not. I think it’s remarkably bullshit that they’ve tied the extra content of Linear Bounded Phenogram to the Elite re-release that’s fucking $60 (normally, of course), as far as I know is not otherwise expanded over the original release, and which IMO is a substantial aesthetic downgrade due to having basically stitched in stills from the anime instead of the original (more interesting) art. They didn’t even give a real discount for already owning the original release. Bleh.