Bargain Thread 2019


I heard what you did there…


Fanatical May Sale has new Flash Deals up for today (yesterday’s are also still available for 24 more hours). Use code MAY10 to receive an extra 10% discount:

  • Hitman : GOTY - $10.64 with code
  • Dying Light : The Following - Enhanced Edition - $17.00 with code
  • Civilization VI : Gold Edition - $25.19 with code
  • Forklift like a boss with Shenmue I & II - $12.95 with code

Today’s Fanatical Flash Deals include:

  • Garfield Kart - $0.44 with code
  • Metal Slug Bundle - $3.59 with code
  • Tabletop Simulator - $8.45 with code
  • Grand Theft Auto V - $12.95 with code

Fanatical has also launched the Faraway Bundle. 8 games for $1.49 including:

  • Isbarah
  • Replay : VHS Is Not Dead
  • Puddle
  • HeartZ
  • Poof vs. the Cursed Kitty
  • Crouching Pony Hidden Dragon
  • Gauge
  • Wooden Sen’Sey

Only with the /r/imsorryjon DLC


Nintendo is running a promo where you can spend $100 to get 2 game vouchers to redeem from a specific list (has all of the first party titles). At normal prices this is a savings of $20. Only available for Nintendo Online subscribers. List of games here:


This voucher thing is a bit confusing - I initially thought that you get the vouchers for free if you spend $100 - turns out you basically buy $120 worth of goods for $100


Surviving Mars is $10 on several stores today, new lowest price.


The Epic Games Store has a “mega sale” running now through June 13, with a new free game every week.


You can get Steep for free on Uplay 'till May 21st. Excellent game too.


Thats a good price!


Thanks for that!


Thanks! The demo didn’t wow me when it came out, but I’m curious if there’s any fun to be had there now…


GMG has a birthday sale going on for the next 10 days. With new flash deals every 2 days.


Tower of Time is’s daily deal for $7.49 (70% off), matching its historical low seen on GOG. This is the first time, though, it’s been this low for a Steam key.


Not sure if everyone is getting this but they also gave me a one time $10 voucher off any game so along with the current sale discount, I picked up Hades for $7. I heart epic games store!


Amazing price for a great game.


It’s better than that, it’s $10 off any purchase of $15 or more, not one time. It’s rolled into the sale prices if applicable, but I used it twice to buy Jackbox Party Pack 2 and 3 for $6.74 each.


Speaking of the Jackbox games, are any of them kid friendly? I got 1 for free from Epic, it’s cool that you can play using your phones, but half way into our first game we realized it might not be best to play with our kids. It’s too bad their isn’t a “kid friendly” option that turns off the more adult oriented questions.


Don’t know if it was on the first Jackbox but the rest have family friendly options (when applicable- not all games need it). It’s in the individual game settings.


That is the game that I find tempting. I haven’t been following it at all.