Bargain Thread 2020

Holy crap, I went back to the link to the bundle and now instead of 8 page of games available to me it’s 25! What the what??

There’s fewer games per page, now.

Looks like they’ve bumped the goal up to $2M, and they’re already at $1.2M.

It’s still got 9 days to go, so something tells me they’ll blow past $2M, too. Freakin’ Awesome!

I don’t use, but I’m buying this just to support a good cause…

You don’t need to “use” It’s just a payment site offering downloads at its root.

I know, bad choice of words. Should have said “I’ve never used in the past, but I’ll register and buy this bundle to support a good cause.”

Oh I didn’t know you were forced to register, so my bad too. I thought you had the option to buy and get a dedicated link or something in the old shareware fashion.

FYI playnite can manage It’s probably far better to use it than the app for managing the games.

Speaking of Playnite and, I imported all games and now I can at least order by score, to see which are the ‘good ones’, for people who want to select only those ones. Here it is:

and + A Mortician’s Tale + Overland

Yeah they sure make it a huge pain in the ass to add these games to your library. You can search a game up, but even though you own it you can’t add it from the game’s page or download it there. You have to find it in the orderless bundle to do so, which is frankly ridiculous.

Wow, thanks for mentioning playnite. I hadn’t even heard of it before; pretty slick. It doesn’t help with the uninstalled items for itch-io (unlike with other services), but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

And thanks @TurinTur for the short[er] list of ‘good ones’ to try out. It’ll definitely help.

I think their bundle interface is designed for more…regularly sized… bundles and automatic addition to your library, so this one kind of breaks things. But oh well.

They seem to be mostly be rules or adventures for tabletop games. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not 743 PC games.

Since I’m still the only one mentioning OneShot, here is John Walker’s review to show you why you should consider adding it to your itch library from this bundle:

Okay, I will probably hate it like I hated Night in the Woods :O

I liked Night in the Woods, but I didn’t actually play it just watched it on YouTube. Only game I’ve ever done that for. Would have been better as an animated film in my opinion, even (especially?) a silent one. Not much “game” there, but I enjoyed it.

Uh, which of the 25 pages is it on???

Nvm, page 21. Ctrl-F is your friend.

There are some of those. It’s nowhere near the majority of the bundle. I’d say maybe a fifth, tops.

You can add uninstalled itch-io games to Playnite’s library - in the Library settings, check “import uninstalled games”. IIRC you might first need the itch-io client installed, I think Playnite uses that somehow to query your account.

I should have said ‘undownloaded’ as it detects the uninstalled games, but only the three of the bundle I downloaded so far. The rest don’t go into your library until you click download.

Those games aren’t even listed in your account, so there’s no way playnite could find them. They did not set this up in a great way.