Bargain Thread 2021

Hey at least the dollar bundle is an actual bundle of games. The Humble “Bundle” at the dollar level have become somewhat of a joke.

LOTRO giveaway:

Similar to that thing they did last year, but with new stuff. Mordor expansion is 99 points for example.

Men of War is also good.

Oh hell yeah! Thank you for posting this! I took advantage of the deal last fall, and will do so once again to add the couple of new regions plus drop the 99 LP for the Mordor quests. Not that I am anywhere near Mordor (currently level 60-something and still working through Mirkwood and Lothlorien as of a few months ago when I last played). On the other hand, I haven’t thrown any money at Standing Stone Games in awhile, so maybe I’ll just buy the whole Mordor expansion if they put it on sale again like they seem to do every year around the holidays.

King’s Bounty The Legend* takes me back. I was enjoying it and then hit a massive difficulty spike with the combat, though, and couldn’t figure out how to continue.
BTW I even played a bit of the proto-HoMM King’s Bounty by New World Computing on the Mac ca. 1992.

*which IIRC would overheat people’s computers? Anyone remember something about that?

You played it wrong, the Megadrive had this amazing soundtrack.

The Megadrive was the SEGA console, right? I can’t remember now if the Mac version (which I actually played in color) had music like that. Digital sound was already a thing in Mac games, though, well before it was in 80s/very early 90’s PC games because you didn’t need a separate sound card. Hell, the SE/30 that I played it on (with an external 8-bit color monitor) may have even had stereo output.

I seem to recall it had a menu tune, but that was probably it.

Wow, that takes me back. I played so much King’s Bounty on the Genesis as a kid. The soundtrack is still embedded on a subconscious level - sometimes find myself humming it in the shower.

AI War 2 DLC is 80% off at GMG.


Every reviewer I’ve read whose taste I trust raves about how Tropico 6 advanced the franchise. The premise of the game remains, well, Tropico, but they’ve apparently really built out some of the gameplay.

I think I’m jumping on this deal. Thanks for posting it!

Dumb question but are those Steam keys? Any issue that I bought the base game directly on Steam and not from GMG?

YEP, steam keys and they work fine.

Well then its a no brainer. Thanks.

Man what a deal, and for a game I literally cannot stop playing.

It’s even a deal for a game I can’t start playing!

I’m in for the Tropico bundle as well. I loved the original as well as Tropico 3, but never got around to trying the rest, so I’ll give 6 a shot. I hope if nothing else its soundtrack lives up to the aforementioned titles. It would be cool if they had taken the best tracks from all the previous games and used them here.

Café! Café! Café dame más café!

GMG still refusing to take my money. What a strange shopping site!

Has anyone played anything in this $8 fanatical bundle of VR games?

I was just about to write that :-)
I have the 2 DLC now even though I’ve never actually played the game.