Battle Chasers: Nightwar


Official Thread! I kickstarted this, and am in the ongoing beta. So far it is good and it comes out October 3rd. :D

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an RPG inspired by the classic console greats, featuring deep dungeon diving, turn-based combat presented in a classic JRPG format, and a rich story driven by exploration of the world.


Madureira…that’s the Darksiders guy, yes? Looks good.


Haha, he was the Battle Chasers guy long before he was the Darksiders guy! At least I think he was. Battle Chasers was his unfinished comic back in like, 2000 maybe? I remember a friend was nuts for it in college.




joe mad couldn’t even finish his battlechasers series. did it manage even 6 issues? it was just homages to jrpg, lodoss and zelda tropes.


I have to admit, that was my reaction too.


I just played this a bit and its pretty damn awesome. Its not a genre or type of game I usually play, but this is great fun.
Now - its going to be tough, but I’ll hold off until release, so until then - does anyone have any suggestions as to what other games are kinda like this, and also as polished and stylish? thanks!


Something from the Persona series, perhaps? There aren’t a ton of games that use that sort of combat style these days, and the ones that do tend to be overly simple. Maybe I’m forgetting a good example.


A space version of this game, kind of / sort of, would be Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition.


Thanks guys - those look like interesting suggestions - I do already own Halcyon, so maybe thats a good starting point. The Persona games looks…complex!?


Hero spotlights are getting released weekly.


Reviews are popping up:

Another great feature about the battle system is being able to stack debuffs. Whoever thought of adding this to the game was a genius because it made each battle strategically more fun. I often found myself figuring out how to quickly raise the poison or bleed damage counters of bosses to knock off a huge portion of their HP.

You’re simple attack may do good damage but you may want to use a secondary attack that may be much weaker but increases your chance to land critical strikes for three turns. Abilities play off each other incredibly well. Instead of always focusing on doing the most powerful attacks you may want to change it up and hit an enemy with an ability that will cause them to bleed. Another ability will indicate that it will do 125 damage but will do an additional 200 damage if the enemy is bleeding. Every skill and ability is useful in the game as long as you utilize them to full effect.

The story didn’t grab me, but the battle system did. Similar to games like Final Fantasy X, Nightwar features a designated turn order, so you can plan out each battle in advance. Regular attacks might be relatively weak, but they happen immediately. On the other hand, abilities burn mana and require a casting time so your selected ability might not trigger until after an enemy’s attack. This system requires a little extra planning, but the tension of trying to knock out an enemy or heal a party member before your foes’ turns is thrilling. On top of all this, each party member has unique skills and abilities, and many of them deliver bonus damage depending on the buffs applied by other heroes’ abilities. I loved experimenting with this team synergy and chaining together different sets of abilities as I calculated the optimal damage output.

I have the feeling the last author wasn’t using the systems to their fullest extent, and therefore thought grinding was necessary. I’ve seen those complaints before in games where it wasn’t true (Enchanted Arms comes to mind)

I’m greatly intrigued/encouraged by the commentary on the combat systems.


They revoked my Kickstarters Beta Key on Steam today, but haven’t given me a new key yet for the full game… Anyone else having this issue?


Game doesn’t unlock until tomorrow morning anyway, so hopefully by then?


This is what happened to me as well- tomorrow you will be able to get the key from the website.


Have this coming from amazon for ps4.

I really liked the unfinished comic from way back.

Looking forward to it.


Keys are up on the main game site. FYI.


Does it support 16:10 resolutions, such as 1680x1050?


Anyone playing this yet? It looks fantastic.


It does indeed. I’m really tempted. It’s been a very long time since I really enjoyed an RPG, and good turn-based ones seem so rare except on handheld platforms.