Battle Lord Becomes Kings Bounty

First, what was wrong with HOMMV as it was? And second: no. King’s Bounty was the foundation of HOMM, but there are a bunch of quite important differences. Real-time map movement, no city building, no real factions of monsters, player character doesn’t get a turn in combat… lots of big differences. If you’re looking for a proper HOMM sequel, this isn’t it.

Or “unit in the armor”.

this thread is worthless without pictures

Several key Elemental Games devs founded Katauri Interactive.

So some places have this with a February 1st release date, but other’s have an April date. As I have not heard nor seen any mutterings about it, I assume it is 2 more months away.

I’ll admit to still being a little confused as to what kind of game it is. The HOMM look is off-putting since I’m not a big HOMM fan, but I loved Space Rangers II so I’ll at least check out the demo.

Not a big HOMM fan either. With a bit more dynamic or free form campaign map it could be cool, but it’s all a bit simplistic to me (that doesn’t mean easy). Graphics look great, if as previously pointed out overwhelmingly WoW like.

At least the russians hold the pc high… perhaps the americuns are d0med…

It took a little digging, but there is an official game website. Latest news on there is from October, though. 1c’s site lists the release as “Q2 2008.”

I’m all for a revival of the King’s Bounty, and it looks great, but when I hear that the Space Rangers guys are working on it, it just makes me wish they were making an open-ended fighting/trading game with a dynamic economy set in a high fantasy world…

Damn it, Lutes! Now I have to imagine how awesome that would be!

Well I have heard “living world” mentioned in conjunction with this game, I just can’t remember where. They’re about one of the only developers I’d believe using that phrase.

I don’t see such dynamics as necessary, but if done well it could be a nice touch. Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to this game for a long time. I hope it’s out soon. Tyler, will you be getting it at launch? I want some early reviews before I purchase because I’m afraid of bugs.

:P, Depends, I have gone cold-turkey on buying games until I pass all this M*$%)@er F+&^&in’ CPA Exam nonsense. An April release may make it just late enough that I can make a triumphant return to my early adoption ways for all things Russian.

The russian version on the site has more recent news. No idea why they don’t translate that though. They talk about it being released soon there, but I gues that will be the rusian version. Would guess at fall 2008 for an english version.

Agree that a fantasy version of space rangers would be ace!

Under “Recent Releases”, shows King’s Bounty having come out on 2/1. That true? Has anyone seen it?


I don’t think it is true. That is what generated my resurrection of the thread. Gamerankings slaps a date in there and I do not believe they re-evaluate those dates with any sort of regularity.

Ebgames/Gamestop website showed and April release date. I am guessing that one is more accurate.

Anyone have a solid Russian release date, at least? I’d kind of like to get the Russian version anyway.

Ah, so it was. My apologies for not digging back far enough in the thread.

And, dammit, I was totally prepared to double-time it to any store in the area that had copies!


Fancy new website is up.

Man, that artwork looks familiar.

These features sound interesting.

Dozens of different battle arenas. Unique arenas for castle sieges.

Various traps and bonuses on battle arenas that can change the course of fight.

Unique system of live items acting of their own will and changing their essence.

Ability to start a family, find a wife and have children!