Battle Lord Becomes Kings Bounty

What! No female “heroes” finding a husband? The nerve!

I’m still trying to figure out the style of the game. GameSpot has it listed as an RTS game, but it doesn’t sound that way from the adventure game with turn-based combat description. If it’s like HOMM, that’s a good thing, as I liked all of those up to (but not fully including) HOMMV. It does seem a little light on features (character types, unit types, spells, etc), though, especially for the type of game it is (strategy coupled with RPG elements). I think it’s something worthwhile watching, but I’m unsure where all the lovin’ in this thread is coming from.

Hopefully with 90% less suckage than Fable had.

If they’re anything like me, it comes from blind faith in SR2’s creators. That game also sounded unremarkable in bullet points (to me, anyway), and the experience itself was probably one of the best computer games I’ve played in recent memory…certainly the only one that cost me sleep in a long time.

Plus, they refer to their elf race as Primogenitals. Their translation has gotten better, but that flavor of “just a bit off” is great in so many ways. I can recall thinking in SR2 that more games should have their alien races written by Russians and other sufficiently different cultures and translated on a budget, because it could be a complete net positive with just one native speaker proofreading the end product for comprehension.

Anyways, I’ll pick this up as soon as a confirmed shitty copy protection free version is available, preferably D2D or something like it. SR2 had an excellent balance between shallow and deep, and that’s even though I considered all of the RTS and at least half of the text adventures unplayable (the more puzzly ones, the plot/story ones were classic).

While I would love to see a direct translation of the SR2 formula, I’m very optimistic about this game.

Exactly, the trailer wasn’t doing a lot for me, but it’s by the people who made Space Rangers 2, and that gives me sweaty palms.

Thus far is looks like a Russian HOMM, and I’m not a big HOMM fan, but these guys are good with the details so we’ll see…

Well, as I love the SR2 and the HoMM and all things turn-based, I am trying not to piss myself while attempting to wait patiently.

This comes out on Tuesday.

Hmmm its published by Atari… any word if it will hit steam?

Good going, Dave–now Tyjenks needs a change of pants.


Thanks, Dave!

I’ve been looking forward to this one for months, and I was just looking at the Fantasy Wars thread and wondering about this game. Just a bit before you posted it was about to release, I was asking when it would be released. I also just watched a Uri Geller Bio. Coincidence? I think not.

This is the first I’ve even heard about this game… is there a demo? I have a hard time buying games sight unseen these days.

Yeah, which of you Eastern Europhiles is going to fall on their budgetary sword, take one for the team, and put the “anal” back in “analytical playthrough review post” for the rest of us?

Damn, if the game plays half as good as it looks, it will be fantastic.

Sweet. I wonder if it will be on shelves 'round these parts. And my pants are fine…for now.

I love the team behind it, if Space Rangers II was a man I’d be having a sex change to pump out its babies, but it looks so much like HOMM that I’m going to need a demo I think.

On shelves? Just order it from gogamer. If I weren’t moving soon, I’d order it right now, but if the date gets pushed back at all, it would screw me up.

I try to not get in the habit of buying on line. Too easy to click up a mammoth C.C. bill. Stores allow the pre-emptive buyer’s guilt where I wander up to the shelves, almost get 5 different things, and then leave with nothing. If I had to pay for an MMORPG in cash every month, not sure I would ever subscribe.

The games recieved good reviews in Russia.

Can’t find it on any of the online shops i use, not even AmazonUK ;_;


It should redirect to 1Cs EU webpage. Most of their titles are available there as a download purchase.

Those of you hoping to play King’s Bounty this week better brush up on your Russian. I don’t think an English version of this game is going to be available over here until this fall sometime.