Battlefield 2 expansion now available for download


Best part, you never have to speak to or look at an EB employee-

Also- it won’t work!

BF2 Community Members,

We have discovered (as some of you have) an installation problem with a limited number of EA gamers who downloaded Battlefield 2: Special Forces through EA’s Downloader. If your account is affected, you will see the following error when you try to install the expansion pack:

  “BF2CDKeyCheck.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

We apologize for this problem and are working quickly to resolve it. We will contact the gamers affected by this issue via email later today with a solution.

That just says a limited number… I’m assuming not all downloads are effected.

I know, I’m going by forum whines and like to bash EA without good reason.

I posted in the digital downloads thread, the expansion installed for me in under 10 minutes, without incident. I had pre-loaded the game about a week ago. As for the game, well, I’m not sure how fond I’m gonna be of the night vision maps, makes things a bit too frenetic, but I’m looking forward to giving it some time this weekend.

The expansion is purely new content. No game server browser, or map loading time improvements. The expansion is not “the patch” that many folks were looking for.