Battlefield 2042 - DICE Goes Back to the Future, Just Not the 2142 Future

We don’t have a dedicated BF6 thread. We don’t even know if it will be “Battlefield 6” or called something else. But it’s definitely in dev, and it’s got a ton of rumors flying around.

Hell yes. Cut those suckers loose. Now decent SP too please :)

It’s obviously way too recent to have affected BF6’s dev, but the Cyperbunk experience highlights the difficulty of melding cutting-edge AAA games with almost 10yo hardware in 2021. Especially when the latest gen is leaps and bounds faster and more powerful than their immediate predecessors.

They should drop all console support. :P

Battlefield 6: 2142, please.

I’ve seen various rumors that it is coming to Gamepass Day 1, I doubt a franchise this big would do that though.

I think I remember a cut down version of BF One being available on their low cost sub - maybe one SP mission and one MP map? Not exactly sure, but I could see something similar coming to GP day one as a teaser for the full version on the more expensive non GamePass sub.

It is interesting to see this play out because the business model is changing for a lot of devs. Now, they’re looking at the up-front revenue from a publisher for putting it on their subscription service as a “free” title, instead of that money coming from individual customers, then using the DLC sales (not usually included in the sub) as the tail which by all reports has a higher purchase rate when the base game is on the sub service.

Yes. On modern hardware!

I still want Vietnam like one to. Only BF game were the opposing factions played very differently.

They already put their new stuff up on their play plus subscription model. If they are absolving their own subs model I could maybe see them doing this albeit vanilla versions only. All dlcs and expansions sold separately. Or they keep their plus model as is and sell it as a small aditional fee to gamepassers to upgrade. Unlock all EA season passes for only an additional $5 per month.! Or somesuch.

They should cut the SP too :P

Exactly , wasted developer resources.

Lets hope for none of that Firestorm shit in BF6, as in BF5 that game mode died faster than me in a plane flying with kb+m.

I laughed.

There’s already talk that they have a Battle Royale ready to go and people who have seen it say it’s the best one yet, by a pretty wide margin. We’ll see, but you can probably bet on Battlefield Royale in 2022 after the main game has shipped in 2021. Firestorm is actually a great design, but not being free to play ruined it before it began.

The rumors are really flying at the moment but the biggest ones are 128 player maps and absolute realistic destruction. Levelution taken to its ultimate expectation. Completely calculated on the fly. EA’s comments say “This one’s for the fans.” BF4’s modern combat with more players and even better destruction? Yes please.

If you all haven’t, I highly recommend playing BF1 or BFV on the new consoles. No cheaters and 60 fps locked gameplay with beautiful seamless graphics. Both games hint at what a BF6 that’s next gen only is going to bring us.

That was already realized in Bad Company 2. :-P

I hadn’t thought of that approach and how it improves DLC sales. It makes sense, and sucks.

My experience with Battlefield V was waiting 2 minutes for the main menu to load, waiting 5-10 minutes to find a lobby with my friends, running toward the fight for another 3 minutes, then immediately dying.

Wait, you weren’t getting spawn camped? :)

It would save the average player 3 minutes of running time.

Battlefield 3 is still the high watermark for me. One moment in particular is a stand out, taking this set of dogtags from some rando camping in a tunnel :D

Almost a decade ago now!


On TOPIC , lets hope Battlefield 6 has after round map voting.

I think DICE purposely wanted us to play Fjell 652 in BF5 , which was the worst map ever.