Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


The annoying thing is you get double battle points for sticking with your squad, but no-one ever does. They all just dash off alone in their own direction.

I generally don’t play this type of game but I’m quite enjoying being killed over and over by one-shot twitch reflex masters. Slowly getting better but I don’t think I’ll ever be competitive!

The game does give a great feel of being on a Star Wars battlefield, which I love. The asymmetry is cool, there’s real panic when you come across Kylo Ren and see him decimating an entire squad then fix his sights on you…


Waffling on a game can pay off.

Bought BF2 originally in September, got a refund after hating the loot crates, waffled about wanting Star Wars something. Bought it again on the 12th. Qualified for a refund still today.

Now I’ll just mute this thread and wander into the sunset with no monetary losses. Maybe a few less brain cells.


I got BF4 for less than that. Disastrous launches of EA games are good news to me.


Oh yes it’s completely ridiculous. I try following at least one teammate when we spawn but it’s so rare to have even 2 people actually stick together. Comical.

Why? You can set it to “normal” and you won’t be notified unless someone directly replies to you, quotes you, or @name mentions you.


Maybe he wants the “latest” view to be less cluttered with threads he doesn’t care about.


Hmm, not quite, mute is “fuck this topic forever”. If that’s an appropriate sentiment, then by all means, select it for the topic.


The first Battlefront was immensely successful and even then the game dropped in price pretty quickly. And it was added to EA Access in just over a year after release.


I play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and it’s daily log in bonus is the worst of any f2p game I have come across. They are broken down in to months and for logging in on say day 20 you might get a 3 star training droid or 1000 credit. It really is a joke. Seems like this is more of the same.


Sadly what you get from Galaxy of Heroes, sounds more generous that what DICE/EA is offering. ;)


No, mute is declutter my latest posts.

I probably have the most muted threads on the forum.


Interestingly, the game isn’t on PSN’s Top Sellers list - I wonder if thats a Sony decision, or it just hasn’t sold enough.


That’s what mute is for, if you never want to see a thread again. I mute all the sports threads, myself.


I was going to post a hypothetical about all the monetization decisions @Knightsaber didn’t like getting patched out and someone tagging him to ask if he would give it another chance.

But then I realized there was no need for a hypothetical. If he really did mute the thread, @Knightsaber never saw your quoting him to clarify how muting works, and he’ll never see this conversation speculating as to his intentions.

It’s baffling that there’s no way to say “fuck this thread forever” in general without also saying “fuck anyone who’s calling my name and trying to get my attention if that just happens to take place in said forever-fucked thread”.


Seems like a problem for EA.


Excellent. I hope some slick suits get fired over this and it serves as a cautionary tale for years to come. Gamers drew a line in the sand at P2W. It’s not like that wasn’t telegraphed over the years, either. But EA chose to push it anyway.


Same. I’m not holding my breath that EA will learn the right lessons, though. You can lead a horse to water…


Thats physical sales - something that has been declining quite a bit over these past few years. While its a nice narrative, as in “Screw you EA”, I don’t think that has anything to do with online sales, or PSN store.


Seems likely that physical and digital sales correlate to a large extent.


Sales being down prompted them to “make good” with BF2. I’m sure they’ll get it right the third time, sure.


Are you saying Physical sales two years ago should match physical sales today? Because thats what the headline says.