Battlefront II - EA and DICE versus the Dark Side


You would think they’d give you a free lootbox with each level you gain, like in Overwatch, but nope.

Also my daily crate today had a massive 175 credits and 15 scrap. Too generous DICE/EA , just too generous.


Nobody can unlock enough apparently. No duplicate heroes allowed.


But it’s 8 players, 4 each side. Each side has 4 unlocked by default… or so I thought.


I didn’t save the link, but I say a guy complaining (w/ screenshot) that he couldn’t join a heroes match because all of the heroes he had were already taken. That seemed crazy.


Maybe it was some different mode or something? Because I don’t see how that’s possible given there are 4 on each side unlocked by default. Or even how it would get through initial design review let alone basic QA then public beta. :)

Anyway the opposite seems true for me. Waiting an age for people to join and select a hero so a game can start. But then I’m not patient enough to wait longer than five minutes.

But then Galactic Assault games seem to take just as long to fill when you’re making one from scratch - it’s pretty much instant to join one already in progress. And I guess you can’t join HvV games that are in progress.


Uninstalled my EA Access version even before finishing the 2nd mission. Man, what a bland and boring shooter this is. And the mp progression system has got to be a joke. It’s just way too convoluted and grindy, even without the pay to win aspect.


The biggest problem with the progression is the system was built entirely to extract money from players. If you remove the may to win the system is still shit because it was designed to be horrible and to frustrate players in to buying progress.

And for that reason I’m out. I’ll see how they change it in the coming weeks. I really want to play this game but I hate unlocking progress in multiplayer when it is done well (titalfall, modern warfare, etc) so no way I’m going to enjoy it when it’s reduced to absurdity.

I just don’t understand how people think giving players with experience a huge advantage over those booting the game up for the first time is a good idea.


When you are playing against them and see their card loadout after you die, you have to realize just how much they have accomplished and what pride they must feel. :)


This Roast Reel from Reddit is pretty good. How bout them box review quotes! :p


Is that all this thread is going to be about now? Can’t tell if I’m reading reddit or Qt3 anymore.


Haha, anyway, I would have been surprised if Disney didn’t intervene in some way.

Disney manages IP the way Japanese blacksmiths make katanas.


Yeah, the schadenfreude is strong in this one. I adore schadenfreude so I’m all in!


I wish the game was good. Heres a potential buyer that did that not fall for this trap of a game.


From my perspective the game is quite good, and nobody is talking about the real game design choices that matter here:

  • especially doorway and choke point grindy because Star Wars apparently, think Operation Locker and Metro in battlefield. But a lot of people like those maps, so…

  • this is absolutely one of the most asymmetric (hero/vehicle/bruiser dominated) multiplayer games I have played in recent memory. So if you dislike an unlevel playing field, with a number of very powerful heroes and vehicles running around any time after the beginning of the round start (people have to generate enough combat credits in the match to choose those classes), you should avoid this game.

  • It is also a bit of a rich-get-richer design as players who are already good tend to earn more combat credits which leads them to the upgrade classes faster as the match progresses, then when they choose a hero they will naturally be better at the hero, too, which leads to earning even more combat credits…

You get a lot of essential ability cards for completing the campaign, so be sure you do that first.


If you find all the collectibles, you also get a bunch of crafting parts too!


I’ve got my fingers crossed that all the terrible reviews and negativity gets the price down to $15 quick! I’m all set to play that campaign and then immediately uninstall. My $15 is waiting, Riccitiello! (Or whatever bloodsucking suit is the CEO now, I can’t be arsed to check.)


Todays free loot crate:

Just wondering does everyone get the same thing ?


Personally I find that gives me a good excuse as to the reason I just got annihilated, and I’m able to curse the culprit effectively for their obviously ill-gotten advantage.

When I note they have no cards and killed me with melee, I feel a deep sense of shame at my own inadequacy. :)

Seems about right from memory. Though sometimes you also get a cosmetic, like an emote maybe?

Yesterday I got three Trooper crates and had the same duplicated card in each… :P


The annoying thing is you get double battle points for sticking with your squad, but no-one ever does. They all just dash off alone in their own direction.

I generally don’t play this type of game but I’m quite enjoying being killed over and over by one-shot twitch reflex masters. Slowly getting better but I don’t think I’ll ever be competitive!

The game does give a great feel of being on a Star Wars battlefield, which I love. The asymmetry is cool, there’s real panic when you come across Kylo Ren and see him decimating an entire squad then fix his sights on you…


Waffling on a game can pay off.

Bought BF2 originally in September, got a refund after hating the loot crates, waffled about wanting Star Wars something. Bought it again on the 12th. Qualified for a refund still today.

Now I’ll just mute this thread and wander into the sunset with no monetary losses. Maybe a few less brain cells.