Battlestar Galactica 27: More Like a Beer Run


Oh yes, political, and I’ll take 2 politics 1 leadership.


Wohooo, our Admiral and President both draw treachery cards!


At least your president doesn’t look like a failed spinning instructor!


I’m not complaining. Think of the ratings!!!


Explosions do tend to draw audiences.


@Lantz I’ll play Athena. One each Leadership, Piloting, Engineering.


Player Order:

  1. @jeffreyb - Jack Fisk (Pegasus CiC)
  2. @Jorn_Weines - D’anna Biers (1 Politics + 1 Leadership + 1 Tactics)
  3. @Otthegreat - Crashdown (1 each piloting, tactics, leadership please)
  4. @soondifferent - Ellen Tigh [Political] (2 politics 1 leadership)
  5. @scottagibson - Athena (One each Leadership, Piloting, Engineering)

Original post updated with big versions of everyone’s cards. Full board and hands will follow a little later.


Hmm, Ellen her ability will be hard to pull off unless someone else parks at the chamber as well


It’s less useful when she is President


In before we get our Loyalties:

My ability would make me a perfect president, though ;)


We could always move the presidency to me…nothing can go wrong with that, really.

Where’s my cards @Lantz damnit

Thinking of crippling that basestar or shooting ourselves in the foot with CiC


If it makes anyone feel better about my presidency, we’ll soon all be on fire and desperately patching breach after breach with chewing gum. Plenty of time for us to get acquainted then.


Alright, booting up the new game and building the board now. Game should start in roughly 900 hours.


Everyone has their loyalties and starting cards. I somehow remembered to give the President the first Quorum card. Let me know if anything seems amiss.

@jeffreyb get us started.


i will reveal… Tactics 1 ls to draw another tactics @Lantz


Your hand is updated


i will fire at the basestar with CiC
play tactics 3sp @Lantz


Roll is 8 + SP == 8

Editor’s note - not using Exodus added damage types

Basestar is damaged twice:

Structural - Future Shots are +2
Hangar - No Raider Launches
Personnel - No Effect (No Revealed Cylons)

One more hit will destroy the Basestar



Any prechecks? Otherwise we start with: @Jorn_Weines


That’s good shooting!