Battlestar Galactica 28: I Swear This Has Happened Before


5sp, 4mf, 3up, 3sp @Perky_Goth
Am I human?


D’oh! We call it Constantinople on my planet.

Tactics 1(LS) @soondifferent


Nice! Should be in the bag.

tactics 2 LS @rowe33

We should probably keep adding until we reach minimum safe distance from destiny shenanigans though.


@Jorn_Weines Are you adding much here at all? Can you give me a quick estimate before I drop mine in?


I have some high value tactics I can drop into this, so I am not worried about destiny.


I think we’re in good shape then - will add Piloting 4(RI) and Tactics 0(QT) so we have some flexibility. That puts us at 22 with QT able to pull out a harmful card, or extra helpful card if not needed.



So, I think this is completely unfair! Being one of the true heroes, with a good position, and having to soft reveal on this completely unfair crisis! Well, at least there hopefully won’t be more of those raptors.

TL; DR: I think you all suck and hope you die in a fire. Not really, though. I will miss @soondifferent delightful rendition of Sgt. Hadrian. Loved the color it added, but you know, you humans must be destroyed.

Leadership 1(XO), 6(SOE)
Engineering 4(Calc)



Yeah, was worried about that but hoped I was just being paranoid. Need a little kindness from destiny now.


Yeah. Revealing early always feels very costly to me, but that extra free distance seems to be too good to allow to pass easily.


Doing the work, please hold.


I would’ve revealed now too if I had a metal heart and was in your position!

Ok so we’re sitting at 11 with a QT, so need Destiny to give us a +2 overall somehow.



I believe our electric Admiral has command of QT unfortunately.


Yah, that’s not going to work.

leadership please


Electric admirals do indeed dream of quick thinking. When we do not dream of killing all humans.

But Destiny has saved humanity before, so who knows.


Yikes, you guys.

Tactics 0(QT), 1(LS), 2(LS), 3(SP), 3(UP), 5(SP)
Piloting 4(MF), 4(RI)

Leadership 1(XO), 6(SOE)
Engineering 4(Calc)
Treachery 3(ABM), 5(EAW)

Total +3 (not good)

@Jorn_Weines, you have a Quick Thinking to trigger (if you want), as well as A Better Machine trigger (to add 2 Treachery to Destiny), and Exploit a Weakness (give someone a Mutiny card).


Ah crap, you’re right. Damn it, I should have just kept it in hand.


Fracking hell.

Not sure it’s the best reveal, making sure we got stuck at 4 (so you had a friend) while doing damage is a nice move. OTOH, no scouting for the rest of the game (unless some unlikely event) is bad.


I think it will be hilarious for @soondifferent to get the mutiny card. I’d love to give it to the prez, but of course he gets a bonus for playing those. Guess we’re not that close to being buddies in the brig @perky_goth :(

I’ll grab that T3 (SP); might come in useful @Knightsaber.

(Also, I am human you guys, I am just trying to lure out the true Cylons).


It’s nothing compared to last game…