Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


With an ‘s’, two Heavy Raiders.


You just made my day worse. I just didn’t ask because I didn’t want the answer. (somehow, I didn’t know)


Well there are 2 Basestars on the board. They each get to play.


I think I’ve overwhelmed poor @Snebmi with PM’s. But you really can’t over-explain BSG.


It usually starts simpler. I normally use a web app, but we now have a few of our own extra house rules.


soon holding up BSG and Avalon, that’s a neat trick :)


Sorry! It’s a long weekend here. Just scanning the forums and I’m thinking I’m going to see if I can hold up Deception as well!

I’ll do something substantial and put in 2 cards for this one. @Jorn_Weines


Good, good, it would be nice to keep my tactics cards. (I forgot how hard it is to say something without saying too much)


Hm, I think it might be good if you still put in something, if you can. Would be a shame to miss it by a bit.


I know it likely still needs a fair bit, I’m just saying it might be better if it’s not me.
RNG being what what it is, it might not be.


Wait, do we have 3 people in European time zones? Hoo boy.


2 cards



1 card
Not a great deal of assistance, I’m afraid.


1 card


You…may have overdone it. Everyone really needed a punching break before dealing with space.

Politics 2(StP), 3(IC), 4(IC)
Leadership 3(AAC), 3(DE), 3(DE)
Tactics 2(LS), 3(SP)

Engineering 2(Repair)
Treachery 0(B)

Total +21

Pass = +1 Morale (yay)

Bait drops a civilian in 2, that’s unfortunate…

Heavy Raiders launch in 1 and 5.

+1 Jump Prep

Boomer Crisis Magic on the way.


Everyone one wanted to prove they’re a human, I suppose. Which means I should skip the scouted crisis, which is unfortunate.


President Baltar aka @Snebmi, here you go.


I’m moving to the quorum chamber and activating it.


President discards a 1(CP) to move and hit the slot machine.


You don’t want to take care of the impending doom on the new civvie in 2?