Battlestar Galactica 29: Where No One Has Gone Before


So, we’re at 8 Distance, everyone is in the Brig, we’re at the start of the Jump track, I’ll let you all decide if you want to continue.

The Pursuit track needs 2 moves to jump in.

The dials are at:

Fuel 3
Food 3
Morale 4
Population 8

I honestly do not know if anyone can escape the Brig anymore. If you would like to continue, please say so, otherwise I will simulate the rest of it for you so there’s an ending.

@rho21 @Perky_Goth @Snebmi @soondifferent @Jorn_Weines


I mean… how can we not want to see an end? I’m fine if it’s simulated, though.
3 fuel… haha.


That’s probably like, the best Fuel at 8 Distance I can remember seeing.


Honestly I think humans have reasonable odds of winning right now. Maybe 1:3. Just need one person to get lucky, 4 preps and boom.


writes down Perky as Give up

writes down soon as Continue


I think it depends on what the top few Tactics cards are and how bad Destiny is. If you like, I can look ahead at people’s draws.


I’m good either way, will leave it to the rest of the crew


Let’s not throw in the towel just yet.


I have a possible way out of the brig, let’s at least give that a shot. Would be great if I can turn my downside into an upside. :)


Okay I assume you want 2 Politics.


Yes please.


Okay I need a few minutes to awaken.


Here you go, @Jorn_Weines


I guess escaping is the only play that makes sense. I can’t delegate, obvs.


Okay dokay, @rho21 is first on Apollo’s Escape Attempt Extravaganza.


1 card @Perky_Goth


1 probably not useful card @Snebmi


@soondifferent is it worth it to help here?

Also I forgot what colors it was again.


Politics and Tactics are positive.


Figurative toaster is literally a toaster?