Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe

Do the rest of you get weird blank posts in this thread?

You need to pick Priestess Elosha to decipher them.

Who are you?

I was reading the last few games last night and I still don’t know how we go through that part.


@rho21 (maybe?)

That’s one too many, we would need to Thunderdome.

Put in the cylon leaders or the mutineer or some bullshit

Didn’t you want to play? Get in on the thunderdome.

We played a bunch of games with the Cylon Leaders and no matter how we jiggered around the rules they just weren’t very fun.

I’m glad you don’t need me. Although I’ll regret not putting my name in in a week or two ;) it’s probably my time to skip, anyway

Never came up with a good way to do Sympathizers or Mutineers. Cylon Leaders totally unbalance any balance there might be.

I would play, but I was in the last game so if someone didn’t, let them in first. Otherwise, yes, please put my name in the hat and/or rolley bingo cage

Sign me up for some thunderdome!

Oh hey I didn’t know I could do that.

Have added names to Thunderdome.

BTW we’re just waiting until @rho21 is home and if he wants to throw his name in the hat for Thunderdome…which is just me using RNG to pick 5 people.

I’ll be home on Friday afternoon. Thunderdome me.

Friday it is, then.

Thunderdome: aka I just use to pick numbers.

First, use the ‘Thunderdome’ to give everyone a position using 1-100, highest to the top:

99 @Otthegreat
92 @Lantz
84 @Cuthbert
82 @rho21
74 @rowe33
54 @Jorn_Weines
46 @soondifferent
34 @CaseyRobinson

Then actual Thunderdome, 1-1000, 5 highest are playing in Game 31:

697 @rho21
507 @soondifferent
503 @Lantz
462 @rowe33
370 @CaseyRobinson

175 @Otthegreat
103 @Cuthbert
35 @Jorn_Weines

Congrats Jorn on the worst 1-1000 roll I’ve ever seen. rho, soon, Lantz, Casey, and rowe, I will prepare the game in a bit. We can start picking characters when rho is back tomorrow.

You are even more unlucky as you have second dibs (after KS) for the next game where there’s a decent chance that I am the GM instead.

Here we go:

Oh shit, here we go…into the fray!

Good luck you guys!