Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe


Any objections to working on our quorum?


Leadership 1(XO) on @Cuthbert

It would be helpful to get one back before my next turn if someone can make it happen.


Activate the chamber to draw a quorum card.


Never hurts to ping @Knightsaber


Sent. Play one or draw another.


I’ll make an inspirational speech, and then use the chamber again



I’m getting there, distracted by Cubs game.


Anyone modify the roll?

@Lantz @Jorn_Weines @Perky_Goth @rowe33




(Spoilers, I rolled a 7, so it doesn’t matter really)

+1 Morale

New card coming.


New card sent, play one or draw one?


Draw one more please.


All done.



Paging Doc @Lantz, there’s some hot blonde here to see you about something.

Edit: Closing up shop for the night, no hurry.


I’ll take a Leadership please


Can I do it tomorrow? :)

Edit: Waaaait, it isn’t your turn, you were XO’ed. I have seen through your trickery.


Haha you’re totally right! Apologies


@Cuthbert @rowe33 @Perky_Goth @Jorn_Weines

Can you all get this? It would be painful for me to lose 5 but my colors aren’t great


I can help some to a lot, depending on what’s needed.


I can help a little.