Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe


Sent. Play one or draw another.


I’ll make an inspirational speech, and then use the chamber again



I’m getting there, distracted by Cubs game.


Anyone modify the roll?

@Lantz @Jorn_Weines @Perky_Goth @rowe33




(Spoilers, I rolled a 7, so it doesn’t matter really)

+1 Morale

New card coming.


New card sent, play one or draw one?


Draw one more please.


All done.



Paging Doc @Lantz, there’s some hot blonde here to see you about something.

Edit: Closing up shop for the night, no hurry.


I’ll take a Leadership please


Can I do it tomorrow? :)

Edit: Waaaait, it isn’t your turn, you were XO’ed. I have seen through your trickery.


Haha you’re totally right! Apologies


@Cuthbert @rowe33 @Perky_Goth @Jorn_Weines

Can you all get this? It would be painful for me to lose 5 but my colors aren’t great


I can help some to a lot, depending on what’s needed.


I can help a little.


We’ll go for it. Isn’t the worst failure and we are card heavy.



1 card @Perky_Goth


Quantity over quality on my hand, ugh.
2 cards



One card