Battlestar Galactica 30 - Something Dark is Coming, Maybe

There you go Emperor Apollo/@rowe33

I’ll be back tomorrow, you have plenty of time to theorize.


To be fair, CAG is a crappy job.

And a sole pilot as President is worse.

You know nothing, Jon Snow!

If you can XO Jorn he can do awesome things launching all over right?

He couldn’t do much on offense though. I could possibly do quite a bit of damage myself with a little luck.

Your discards are great too, Mr Baltar. At least you got to use you character abilities.

We’re in the endgame, now.

Actually I’ve changed my mind since the rules won’t allow me to do all the shenanigans I really wanted.

Discard Treachery 2 GP, move to Command. Play XO 2 on Jorn.

I’d recommend launching an AR in 5 with your ability for me at some point, assuming you’ll hit Command twice. I can hit that sector pretty hard with my Apollo stuff.


Activating Command. Launching an Assault Raptor in Space 5, and a Mk VII in Space 1.

For the second activation (after your go @rowe33) I am considering escorting the civvies in 1 and 2. Thoughts?

Also, plz no GoT gifs, not watching eps 5 and 6 until Saturday. I am so ready for that series to be over.

Jump into the AR at 5. CAGtivate the MK7 in 2 to escort. Play Pil 5 MF to attack in 5. Raiders first, then basestar if I have leftover attacks.


Apollo shooting at Raiders:

Roll: 4
Roll: 1
Roll: 1
Roll: 8

-2 Raiders

Back to @Jorn_Weines

Nothing Apollo can’t fix. Dear god.

I forgot about your CAG. Activate Command to launch a Mk VII in Space 4 and escort the Civvie in 1 then. @Knightsaber

Would be great to move the Presidency at some point since I can’t sit and pull levers all day. Hopefully a chance pops up!

People are questioning Apollo’s rule, or something.



Probably not worth risking another sick human and losing my better cards thru random discard. Any thoughts here? Leaning towards the morale.

You know your discard risk better than us. I am fine with taking the morale hit for now

I agree with Lantz.

Morale it is. Brace for nuke impact.

Bracing for nuke impact. Well, Pegasus is, probably.

-1 Morale

Basestar fires: 6 (Hit)
Basestar fires: 6 (Hit)

@rowe33 wild guess that you’re throwing those missiles at Pegasus.

+1 Jump Prep