Battlestar Galactica 31 - We Built These Cylons With Rock and Roll

You might have to ping robo-Stinger, haven’t seen him for a while. @Lantz


Sorry crazy day.

They have a crap ton of cards but it might be worth hitting them with both supers to, at the least, bleed their cards. Mine is fairly context neutral but I don’t know where yours is.

Otherwise load the board and roll the track?

Hmm. I guess we need a higher quality of raiders. Let’s try this:


They didn’t go for the fuel so hopefully they won’t be able to pass this. Probably jumping next crisis, but that’s probably for the best since there isn’t enough cover for him right now, hopefully they can’t take him down in a turn.

@knightsaber @Lantz

I will be 1 card regardless but just pinging @rowe33 @rho21 @CaseyRobinson for a precheck since I figured that they might use one.

No precheck here.

You have a Mutiny from discarding this.

I know the card says Scar goes to the CFB when the fleet jumps but that’s no fun, finally a made up house rule I might see happen.

This brings up two questions: is Scar going to get his ass kicked being all alone? And how frightened are the humans required to be?

Knowing how the dice are rolling this game, he’s probably going to get beaten down shortly.

Also knowing how the Cylons roll dice, humans shouldn’t really worry at all.

Damn, that might really work against us, for all the reasons mentioned and also the chance of bringing the rest of the fleet along. Well if there is ever a time for science, I volunteer our Cylon “efforts” this game!

If I knew you had Scar I would have found a way to destroy the assault raptor. W/o the assault raptor to stay in space he has a chance to be a real problem with the rule change.

Of course, they will have like 120 for this check based on how this game is going.

No pre-check here.

I would be equal parts impressed and horrified if this ever happened.

We’ve gotten in the 40’s before, thanks to a certain engineering card.

I think we are waiting on dear leader @CaseyRobinson to maybe pickup mutiny and to maybe put in precheck?

No precheck from me.

No prechecks.

@Lantz first.

Think @Lantz already put in a card? So time for @rho21 to dump his hand into check?

Next question for the humans: are we actually trying on this one, or do we hold onto cards in case something nastier shows up?

@rowe33, @CaseyRobinson

Don’t think we could do it without major luck. And even a Pass means we help both Cylons a good bit.