Battlestar Galactica 33 1/3 The Network Gun

Well crap, wish I could do more here but I can’t see a better move than this:

Play Tactics 6 SFF - play Tactics 3 SP on the roll.


Turns out that the asteroid belt nearby? Plenty of tylium for you.

Roll 5+2
+1 Fuel

Starting with @Cuthbert


0 cards @Jorn_Weines

1 card. A really, possibly insignificant, contribution, but it might help swing it. @soondifferent

First time for everything!

I have nothing for those colors unfortunately. @Lantz

1 Card


3 cards for me.

I don’t think we’ll pass this but at least I can try to salvage some good from this since I need to discard anyways.


The transmission was garbled, the audience unclear, the purpose obscured. But one thing was known, the messenger.

In flowing circles the words came. Each loop changing slightly, within a set structure. Slowly passing through time and space in a confusing sequence of numbers, words, and pauses. A pattern emerged, moving towards some unknown destination. It may be a communication for an unknown sleeper, fingerprints of their former ‘friend’ seemed to indicate this may be.

But perhaps there was some meaning for the humans. After all this supposed hybrid was nothing, if not enigmatic. A potential source of insight into their deliverance. With some assistance from the admiral, Dee got on it. As their communications and cryptography expert she was the natural choice. But a fleet spread thin does lack resources. So Dee could only ever dedicate a fraction of the Galactica’s computers to the task. It was not enough, nothing ever was really enough these days. So ultimately this message of unknown provenance did little more than distract.

Skill cards:

Politics 2CP
Leadership 0AHoD, 1XO,2XO
Tactics 0QT
Piloting 1EM
Engineering 3RS

Total +1

@rowe33 you may select the order to activate Quick Thinking and All Hands on Deck

Activate AHoD to bring it to +3, then I’ll take out the Engineering 3RS card with QT.


So be it.

-1 food, two treachery shuffled in (deck was at 2)
heavy roll 4, pursuit +1 @soondifferent place two civvies
jump prep +1

1 and 4 please @CraigM

Very well

@Cuthbert your turn

Making it a bit harder to escort them… why?

Raiders are jumping in next turn in 2. If he trusts you and XOs you and you’re human, you can still escort the one in 4 and protect the one in 1, also giving raiders something to chase after rather than taking 6 shots at Galactica. If he chooses to XO me (best choice!) I can also protect both of them (and draw full cards). If he’s Cylon, or he can’t XO, the civvies are still not in immediate danger.

Ahh, forgot about the raiders coming in. That said, it seems like a terrible idea to XO you, just in case. Three Cylon turns in a row would be crippling!

Actually I will say that you’re definitely human, I just remembered the fuel thing. Still, if I was Cylon i’d definitely put one in 2, and say oopsie when the raiders jump in. God knows I’ve been scatterbrained enough this game to pull that off.

I totally am Mr. Bean this game. A junkie, hopped up Mr. Bean.