Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

Don’t have much time right now, but I’ll play the crazy game if you need me to make up the numbers.

Waitasecond. Weren’t you the one super hyped for it? And pointed it out in the first place?

Also I have an eye exam next week because reading on screens has become iffy with my crap progressive lenses. So that’s a huge bonus pile of fun. Happily my local optometrist place takes for-eve-r to actually procure lenses so it’s nothing to worry about for a couple of months.

I am! I’m just not sure if the different elements will complement each other or kind of crowd each other out, but I’m still excited

I think the only concerning thing will be that Trauma and Allies will be there from the beginning, and we’ve never used them before. They really aren’t that bad but they do make people think twice.

If anyone is curious about those things, hit up the Exodus rulebook, because it’s a lot of stuff to read and I’m not typing it out :)

I think @Guap had also expressed interest

New blood for the Blood God.

I picked the insane game but both sound rad.

I’m interested, but have no idea the rules. Let me go to the top of the thread and look for links.

Edit:. It looks like this is an actual board game I don’t own, is that required for play?

I have some fears about joining a ginormo game, but I’m happy to help fill out the player count and try and keep track of what’s going on.

Not at all! We own it so you don’t have to. Everything is run by moderator over Vassal, and so we make the boards you see.

All you’d need to do is read the rules, but any questions we can answer. In fact I still have questions that I need to reference the FAQ for from time to time.

Man we’ve been doing this for 5 years now and I still forget how many Raiders launch from a Basestar sometimes.

Or if they move clockwise or counterclockwise around Galactica.

Or mixing the Treachery cards in. Oh wait that was Lantz :)

It was a nice reminder of exactly why I started doing that though!

Cool well if you have a bit of patience I’m in!

I can guarantee to you that it will be hard to be the player who most annoyed Knightsaber.

That title has long been claimed and can never be usurped.

Would love to play, but I’m on an extended road trip in Ecuador and cannot be relied on. So will pass this time, thanks!