Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

You’re welcome.

To be honest, I was a bit sceptical when the Chief said the new deck-hand could make anything from wrenches and duct-tape, but those new Vipers really DO work. Amazing.

Apollo rolls a 3. Scratch one Raider

We have our first Crisis @Perky_Goth


Doesn’t hurt anything to fail, I guess. Except my hand that could have been.

I have a crap hand, so can’t contribute much to this.

Yeah, pretty benign and useless crisis, unless someone wants to throw in something to forestall reckless.

(do we have a jpg of the possible Cylon leader motives handy?)

I used to, let me look.

I can make one if you like.

I’d like to avoid reckless, but probably not with this card. We drew a lot of tactics, right?
0 cards.


Cylon Leader Motives

I have one Tactics (get more on my turn) which is utterly useless here.

0 cards


While initial draws are obviously known, I would like to try and limit hand talking to the none/little/lot qualifiers for checks.

Thanks and also * glares * * scrutinies *

Adding a lot of nothing to the check 0 cards


You know either way it’s not easy for me to win :)

I have to be able to flip at least 3 out of 4 motives and 2 of them have to match the winning team.

Yeah but it’s real easy for us to lose. Glares suspiciously

0 Cards


It gets really shady when you get dealt 2 Cylon and 2 Human motives, and right now I only have 2 anyway so I’ll be taking it easy on you until I get the rest.

Well, that’s incentive to keep us alive at least until sleeper, then.

I may or may not have that incentive anyway.

Either way, you’ll be working to screw stress us a lot with any motive.

Not many of them are super friendly are they?