Battlestar Galactica 34 - Rule 34

one card @Lantz

Positive Cards: +18
Leadership: 2 XO
Tactics: 1 LS, 1 LS, 2 LS, 1 G&I, 2 G&I, 3 UP, 5 SP
Engineering: 1 R

Negative Cards: -13
Piloting: 5 LR
Treachery: 0 DC, 3 ABM, 5 EaW

No one is sitting on a DE so Game 34 Ends to Morale loss.

Congrats @CraigM and @Cuthbert
Condolences to @Perky_Goth @soondifferent @Jorn_Weines and @Knightsaber

Thanks for running the game @Lantz!

Congrats Team Cylon! How many of you were Cylons from the beginning?

Sorry for not luring you onto our team @Knightsaber, but I felt we had enough to do by trying to stay afloat.

After a few games, I am not sure if the Demetrius adds much. I feel like we don’t really have the actions to make use of it.

New Caprica sure is a new flavor of the end-game Mutiny brig-party. I did enjoy having the Resistance HQ to throw Treachery cards on, though.

Pretty sure @Cuthbert was, and no one else.

I came on mid game.

Ach, mea culpa guys, I could have added more but wanted to hang on to a SP. Well, we were doomed anyway. Congrats @CraigM and @Cuthbert, GG everyone else!

Extra thanks as usual to @Lantz for running this giant thing!

Yeah, agreed on Demetrius (although one less Basestar would have been nice, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference at the end)

I think New Caprica would have been doable for us given our pre-NC state, if it weren’t for the Daybreak mutiny cards and hostile Six combined. I kept hoarding the strong treachery cards and PM’ing hands like this to Lantz for posterity before realizing that pretty much everyone had hands like this:


It was fun though and I’m looking forward to NC again.

Also, I’m sad that I found this campy gif of a one eyed Michael Hogan drawing a samurai sword (apparently he played budget Deathstroke in some show?) but I couldn’t find it again in time for the exectuion.

This is a snapshot of the glory that y’all missed out.


Technically, I was.

I started with this:

image image

3 or more Morale and Human victory on the other pushing me to be nice.

At the Sleeper Phase I picked up:

image image

Which gave me no choice but to be Evil Six.

But New Caprica eats Morale and Population alive and since Team Human was Keep All Food Intact At All Costs since turn 1, I was pretty screwed.

Ouch. Yeah with fuel off the table, and food not coming up, morale and pop were the obvious targets. With NC population is almost always going to be an obvious target, as chasing fleeing civvies is one of the best options at the end.

Morale was in good shape for you… until it wasn’t. Wasn’t even trying to hit it since it was so high to start NC phase.

That was not a terrible set of options for a non NC game, but for NC was all but assured defeat.

Yeah, I left Galactica early to desperately try and do damage or put Centurions on board, but I just didn’t get the chance.

I think that the game would play out a lot differently next time after we all have a lot better view of what New Caprica is like. Normally preserving food early helps because you can bleed it later to save other things, but food just hits stasis on New Caprica.

Humanity probably should have thrown it all into ship preps on NC, but they were definitely trying to plug a lot of leaks in the dam at once. Craig snagging away that PP was pretty brutal.

I think that I should have given a Sympathetic Agenda instead of the Motives and obviously merging in the other treacheries would probably have helped.

Six player game Cylon Leaders are pretty unfair, though. It either turns into 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 2. Seven players with a CL is better, I think.

I still like Motives better :)

Yeah, I was a cylon from jump. I took boomer expecting to be a cylon in the sleeper phase, but SURPRISE.

Good game all, I agree it’s hard 3v3 if it shakes out that way, but you gave it a good go.

So uh, the 4 Destinations Game looks like this:

Start with the base BSG board and base crisis cards, six Vipers instead of four, no one can start with Cain, Hoshi, Political Apollo, Pilot Helo, Support Baltar, or Military Zarek.

Kobol is the first destination, and Allies and Trauma tokens are in the game to start, to be used with the Ionian Nebula later.

At Distance 3, Kobol is reached. The Pegasus board appears, Cain, Hoshi, and Pilot Helo are available, the Pegasus Crisis cards get shuffled in.

4 population is added and a destroyed civvie with 2 pop is brought back, or 2 civvies with 1 pop, or none if no civvies are dead.

New Caprica is the next destination at 5 Distance.

Changes: Only civvies in reserve and not in space are plonked on NC. When the Admiral jumps away from NC, the sleeper phase hits, Political Apollo, Support Baltar, and Military Zarek are available, there’s a Destination instead of the game being over (obviously), and Morale changes to Population -8 + 4. (Population 11 - 8 = 3 + 4 = 7 Morale). However many Destinations have been played (say 4), is available to the Admiral to split (or not) and add to Food and Fuel. The Exodus crisis cards are shuffled into the deck, and the Cylon Fleet Board appears.

Next up is the Ionian Nebula with the Crossroads phase at 8 Distance. If you scope out the rules, players can actually be eliminated from the game in the Ionian Nebula (as in gone, bye, have fun elsewhere). But in this long-ass game, you’re only executed. Cylons are also executed if that happens to them. Cylon Leaders choose a new Cylon Leader with new Motives. Every Cylon that was ‘boxed’ aka executed adds 1 to Morale.

After the Crossroads phase, Trauma and Allies are removed, the Demetrius appears, Earth is the new Objective, and the Admiral gets to add to Food and Fuel the number of Destinations since New Caprica. (Either / or). The Daybreak Crisis cards are shuffled in.

Humans win by reaching 13 distance and jumping one last time. So yeah. If you’re into something nuts, this is a possibility.

It sounds batshit insane. I would play.

Would probably be a bit before I started such a thing. Also 7-9 players, no less. (And no more)

Me too!

That’s insane.
Speaking of insane, I’ve should’ve kept some notes, as I always don’t, so I can tell you how much I might’ve screwed the pooch. Like ending a game at 0 morale with 3 Inspirational Speeches in hand, FML. The first (only?) PI I played I was presented with a choice of two Speeches, so, yeah.
I got PolPr earlier than I remembered, and man, it’s no good to hold on to cards so long, I got a bit paranoid about losing it, along with the jail release card. There was always the possibility of a crippling reveal…
I also drew a SfF around that time that I held for a while, but once it became clear it wasn’t a big deal I used it in an important check.
So what’s a guy with 3 get of of jail possibilities do? Clear his hand of DC and a mutiny, cause that’s all very relevant in New Caprica, sigh. Only to draw more DCs and Bs as a lesson, and then losing the PolPr - that took a few days of acceptance that Craig was going to pick me, because that was the smart play.
In NC, I was as lost as anyone else. Wanted a CS turn of double Speech, but I was convinced to do something else with it (also, 6+, ugh, and we couldn’t spare SPs if we had them), and the -morale/-pop crisis settled it.

I should have let Craig pick me (which he probably would have if I didn’t put in so many cards, since I was next to go and I’d only draw one from sickbay), but I was thinking that my treachery hand was OMGabigdeal and didn’t want him to have it.