Battlestar Galactica 35 - The Cliffs of Insanity

Easy peasy.

Here’s something you don’t see every day:

Reunite the Fleet

You get to pick, @Cuthbert

We’ll take the check. @Guap

I’d tag Casey but he’s got no cards, man.

Hit it, @Guap

You ninja edit-or.

Let’s pass this one everyone! Important not to let the Cyclons crush us with Treachery! Sneaky toasters!

2 cards. @Perky_Goth

2 cards @soondifferent

I assume Jurgen has good cards for this, given his confidence, so saving what little I have for nw.

0 cards @rowe33

1 card for me. @lantz

1 card


2 cards @Knightsaber

Politics 1CP
Leadership 0AHOD (+1), 2XO, 2XO, 2XO, 4AAC


Piloting 6BotB
Engineering 1JR
Treachery 3ABM, 0DC(+1)


Total +3 = Fail

-1 Morale to 7
@rowe33 will just get a free Treachery.
@Lantz, @Cuthbert, @Guap, @Perky_Goth and @soondifferent discard a card (soon is currently treated as a human, so there’s that) I’ll send you Treachery after.

A Better Machine shuffles 2 Treachery into Destiny, which is currently empty, and will be 2 Treachery, then.
Draedis Contact places 2 Raiders in 7-8.

Raider 1: 2
Raider 2: 3
Raider 3: 3

Raiders in 7-8 move to 4.

No jump prep.

Boo. Discard 5EAW (Treachery).

I don’t think we can win this, too many Cylons.

That’s the spirit.

Oh sweet summer child.

Now if the NC phase was in the future? Yeah, I’d say hosed. But I think team human has at least a punchers chance, or better.

The real good news of the Admiral death pact? No super crisis (unless #2 buggers off)

I guess #2 = Athena after all.

Discard Treachery - 2GP since they already have a sabotage opening

EDIT: Doh forgot, that was the Cavil hand

discarding piloting 0 ptF @Knightsaber

Eh, try again?

I’m on your side so long as you guys help me tank stuff I need, so we outnumber the bad toasters quite a bit.

I can’t imagine a Cylon would possibly pass up a chance to take out population though.

Oh yeah, that was a CAG choice. I dunno.