Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - A Frakking Good Time


another 40 bucks wasted wont make my family go hungry. it will leave them with a non-performing dad tho ;p


I find its best not to dwell on such minutiae.


Why do you assume Brian is only responsible for forty bucks? ;-)


Looks like Turn-Base Homeworld to me… which is a great news because I am too old for real time Homeworld…


Gonna check into this when I get home from camping. Because TBS is my jam, and Battlestar Galactica is… you’ve all met me, right?

Yeah. This is for me.




This seems pretty cool, I’ll definitely check it out. If anyone has gameplay footage they want to drop a link to, I’d like to see someone that has a decent handle on the game explain it a little.


It’s a matter of do I have $40 to spare (not really atm), and how terrible I would be at it.


Can you tell me more about this, @BrianRubin? It seems like it’s walking me through a Chapter 1, then a Chapter 2, and so on. In what ways is it dynamic?



There are “story missions” that need to be completed but this is a war and the Cylons are not waiting around. They will attack and you need to react and defend.; There are optional missions that occur as the Twelve Colonies react to the Cylons and request your help. There are other missions where you can gain further resources, etc.


It is like some stole my design notes from 35 years ago when I wanted to make a game like this.


I didn’t! My ridiculously generous Qt3 Santa did a couple years ago :D


If the game allows me to lead a boarding party to a Cylon Basestar, capture a dozen Boomer’s and bring them back to my ship for proper interrogation then I’m in.


Has anybody played this game using steam? If so, can you play it with steam in offline mode?. My copy of Star Hammer always required me to have steam in online mode.


It does require Steam as far as I can tell. Not sure of the online only thing.


Actually it doesn’t require steam to play. you can buy it at the Matrix or Slitherine site and download it. I think you also get a steam key for the game as well.


Paging @David_F. This is the thread you’re looking for! :)


Thanks Rocky! Consider this 2nd for BGD as the best game of 2017…at least so far! Though I’m not aware of anything else coming down that i’m really excited about…


BrianRubin, these are important unanswered questions!


The game is dynamic, in that all the optional missions, you can take on, there are also random fleets harassing the planets, you can also fortify planets heavy in resource production and gain boosts. The random missions give you random techs to unlock and build. You can also purchase captains, which all have unique skills and can level up and have a branching tech tree. The skills are all over the place, some give you boosts to production to planets, others give you bigger fleets, a whole range of 3 random skills per a captain, to level up. You can also build up multiple fleets, but need a captain assigned to engage with those other fleets. The leveling system and the difficulty of random missions makes it so you want to make you rookie captains take on random fleets flying around and your high level captains take on the random missions and the chapter missions, I found building up ships that carry vipers are essential! Though the gun cruiser can be deadly…

Interestingly there is a mention of boarding parties in the manual. I’m in chapter 8 and yet to see this tech become available though. Also this is a representation of the first cylon war, so no Boomer, or Adama, just lots of toasters!

My question…can you easily mod this game? Because this is the game that could finally do DS9 or Babylon 5 justice! Insane love for this game! This replaces Homeworld and Sins of a Solar Empire as the ultimate fleet based game! Graphics are not quite as good, but the turned based depth of play is very satisfying.