Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - A Frakking Good Time


So guys, this came out yesterday, and I just spent a few hours with it. It is so good. OMG, so, so good. Like, best of 2017 so far good. I’m not even trying to be hyperbolic, it’s just so good. It’s got great graphics, REALLY solid gameplay, what looks to be a dynamic, map-based campaign, perfect music and even multiplayer. I am just gaga over it, so I figured I’d start a thread about it.

Space Game General All-Platform Thready Discussy Thing :)

Ya, I noticed this yesterday and was pretty excited when I saw “space” and “Turn based”. What a bizarre license to dig up, but honestly who cares if the game is good.

What is the actual gameplay like? Games have an annoying habit of just showing tons of graphics shots and not really when you spend your time doing while playing them.


It’s WEGO. You tell your ships where to move and what to shoot at (it works a lot like the old Over the Reich/Achtung Spitfire! games) and watch as everyone moves at the same time.


Is there a Z axis?


Sure is.


It’s a very good game. I’m glad to see the developers listened to reason (i.e. ME) and expanded the tutorials to make it easier for players not steeped in BSG lore (i.e. ME) to get into it.



Great, thanks.


The z-axis is important too. As one of my frigate Captains will tell you. Or he would if he hadn’t collided with that Cylon frigate and exploded.

After you’ve finished your turn-based fight you can watch the whole thing back as a real-time video, complete with the BS:G dramatic-pan-and-zoom.


Yeah, I usually don’t care about replays, but they’re PERFECT here.


How many turns does an average battle go? Is there async multiplayer?


It varies, and no.


Sounds interesting. The tactical combat sounds good but what would seal the deal for me is if the game had General-style unit selection and progression. That leads to a few questions:

1)Do you get to choose your ships/loadouts?
2)Are your ships persistent through the campaign?
3)Are your ships upgradeable?
4)Do your ships gain experience?

  1. Ships yes, not sure about loadouts yet.
  2. Yes.
    3 and 4. Officers are upgradeable and gain experience, and that way their ships improve as well.




I believe that is some loadouts involved, especially when it comes to fighters, missile and nukes.


Screw you, Brian, and these Windows-only games you keep promoting!! Damnation, I’ll have to play this upstairs on my wife’s desktop I guess.


I don’t understand our compulsion as an industry to clump releases in an otherwise starved genre into absurdly small time frames like this.

XCOM 2, Mario vs. Rabbids, and Deadlock all in the same week? This is so not cool game industry!


You made your non-PC bed, sir.

I don’t think they have any fucks to give, honestly. Look at Titanfall 2. Came out at the same time as Battlefield 1. Morons.


You are a bad man Brian. Had my eye on this one and had just convinced myself not to buy it and wait for a sale…

Now I’ll have to buy it. How many families have gone hungry due to your silver tongued devilry?? Hmmm? Do you ever think about that?