Battlestar Galactica XX: The Super Crisis Shuffle


Yes, because he’s a pilot, doesn’t need to be CAG.
I wonder if there’s a point to flying without being a pilot.


If I can amend my move, I’ll launch in 4 in a Viper, then launch a scout. I’ve been stuck in the red tape so long, I’ve almost forgotten how do this Viper thing.


@CraigM: have we missed a hit on Pegasus?


Yeah, I forgot to mention it was the airlock. Which otherwise had no impact. Sorry, was rushing out the door.

You do that successfully.

Your scout, less so. Roll 2.


Booooooooo, will play Eng 4 C on the roll so it succeeds.


Well done, intentionally or not!


Very well, sent.



While @rowe33 ponders the scout, @rho21 can start us on the crisis.


Or can’t really. I hold nothing that can help us here. 0 cards

Destiny’s looking pretty bad for this one. Should we be tanking it? @Perky_Goth will have a better idea, and needs to act next anyway.


It’s one action (2 quorum cards) and 2 cards so maybe we can tank it.

Won’t mind the president taking this up though


@CraigM Toss that destination please.

I would think tanking is ok here.


I should have an idea, shouldn’t I? I have a couple of interesting cards, but I’d have to play some. The quorum is nice, but not a priority.
If noone wants to use their cards, I suppose I should lose them. Rowe has an idea of the Quorum. I’ll just wait a few minutes to see.


I see. Take them away, @CraigM


Destiny is neutral on the issue. Whatever discontent was present earlier has simmered down.

Still, the President’s standing was diminished.

Skill cards
Tactics 3SP
Leadership 3DE

total 0, fail.

@Perky_Goth discards Quorum cards

and skill cards
Politics 4IC
Engineering 3SR

Basestar placed in… area 4.

Pursuit track +1

@rho21 select location for the civilian ship.


Zone 3 please.


@rho21 you’ve got the stick.

Anyone wanna take bets on what Rho does? No?


Well I’ll definitely start in a traditional fashion by staying in sector 2, launching an unmanned viper in sector 3 and getting it to escort the new civilian ship to safety.

Next up, what do people think about trusting Madam President? I can ask her to leave sick bay (but then have two actions in a row) or stick to a safer action.


I’d already moved the pieces ;)

Stinger is so good, I can’t wait until the sleeper phase* and you all distrust each other again.

*assuming both Cylons aren’t in play now.


Shh, you’re giving away my non-Cylon nature.


I am not terribly against it. We have a clean board at this moment so if she f’s off to toaster-ville this turn she can’t do super drastic damage against us here and we’d know a cylon so that’s probably a fair trade for humanity.