Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)


You can encounter that same sweet mech in high-skull random missions and loot it like any other. I’m working on doing just that right now.


Yeah, I get it. But that takes more time!

Anyway, nice game overall. Destroying robots remained fun the entire time. I can’t say I loved it though. The story was a little heavy-handed for me with its wholesome progressive values in every dialogue. There were also obvious technical issues, but I don’t think they necessarily dragged the game down to a lower score or whatever. I just needed a little more juice. Maybe an expansion pack or a sequel or a strategic layer would help.


The base story is fine for BT lore, but yeah, Proust it ain’t. I think what gets me a bit is that the game does not really give you the feel of being a mercenary, really. You are pretty much a House lapdog (which, admittedly, most of the merc groups end up being in BT lore), and you can take, oh, forever between dire and important story missions.


Yeah, they made the story missions not just necessary to advance the story but also the best bang for buck payouts. I feel like I needed to do some story missions just for the cash boost. You kind of need to do the story to ramp up the power curve.

I think the game (which I really like) would have been somewhat better if the merc missions paid somewhat better (say 20% better?) and the story missions paid less, equal to or maybe a bit less than merc missions. That way a player could ramp up while doing merc missions and the reward for doing the story missions would be the story, plus the occasional sweet bonus mech.


Kamea: “This… thing that you’ve built… it isn’t who we are.”

Oh please Obama – I mean Kamea – let me kiss your feet!


Take a drink everytime a character pointedly tells you that he’s doing something not for some undesirable reason, but for a noble one.

The wackiest moment was Ostergaard making sure everyone knew he was acting on his own and not in the name of his state, despite being crazed with rage and grief.


All right, break time until the next patch! No use grinding Pokemon when everything is so slow right now.


Another consequence of the smallish battlefields and short engagement ranges is that there never seems to be a reason or chance really to hit and run or smash and grab. Even when you’re told you can just get in and get out, it’s nearly always quicker and simpler to just kill all the enemies, who conveniently come to you. And the maps are so small that actually fleeing would be somewhat useless.


I don’t think that it is necessarily a progressive thing as it just fits the shallow glamorized knights in space theme. I read a couple of the old 90s novels right before this came out and they are full of this kind of ‘mercenary for hire killing people but also I have a heart of gold’



Weird that people associate conventional virtue with progressive politics and deride it in the same breath. It may be saccharine, but this is a game world where the peons are ruled by nobility. There’s nothing progressive about it. This is a prince valiant story, not a dialectic.


Heck, in that sense you could even call it regressive lol!


But the English language had deteriorated into a hybrid of hillbilly, valley girl, inner city slang, and various grunts.

So you’re smart, huh? I thought your head would be bigger. Looks like a peanut!


Yeah, the BT universe is reactionary, regressive, and downright fascist, really. All the Successor States are absolutist monarchies or equivalents, except for the Free Worlds Alliance (House Marik), which devolved into a freakin’ religious dictatorship after the ComStar split. Even the whole “House” thing is, as noted above, just a SciFi Prince Valiant thing, with about the same level of adolescent love for strongmen, sugar-coated visions of nobility, and glorification of violence. Hell, at the wedding of Hanse Davion (the Fox) and Melissa Steiner, Hanse used the reception as the venue to announce his first-strike invasion of the Cappellan Confederation, even distributing desert plates that, when the desert was eaten, revealed planets being targeted by his forces!

You also get some bargain-basement Heinlein in the books at least, with the glorification of MechWarriors and warfare as the true expression of, well, everything valuable, and the celebration of virile, violent, masculinity reaches Blakemorian levels at times.


But the pronouns…


I prefer amateur nouns.


WH40K does over-the-top fascism really well in an amusing way. This game does mostly nothing, but it sounds like it’s been written by people who live in Seattle and read a lot of Twitter. It’s not offensive, just annoying.

I can’t speak for the universe or the books. Maybe they’re better.


Well… Depends on the author to some extent, and your expectations. Michael Stackpole’s books are quite readable and fun, if not exactly complex. Some of the other authors are pretty solid, too, probably more consistent IMO than the authors in the Warhammer/40k literary galaxy.

The universe itself, though, is pretty much irredeemable in terms of anything approaching insight or nuance about hypothetical social and political organization. It’s not even really science fiction, it’s more “let’s extrapolate societies based on what a table top wargame needs.”


I think I might be the only one here who prizes my faction handbooks!


So, I have decided to travel around a bit before grabbing the next story mission.

Salvage is such a gamble though. I did a recovery mission, put in full salvage because it was against the directorate, and all it was was light mechs and tanks. The second mission was a 2 skull rescue mission, and it was 3 heavies and a medium. Of course I had selected only 1 salvage. Still, it was enough to complete my Orion, which I used to replace my Thunderbolt!