Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)


Without seeing the balance sheet, it’s hard to know whether it was bad deal. Maybe the company had a lot of liabilities. Maybe the owners already drew out a lot of the cash value of the company before the sale. As Rod noted, the residual bit isn’t something to sneeze at.

On timing, one could argue this is one of the best times to sell—right after a success. We also don’t know if the former owners are staying on (seem to be, at least initially) and what type of employment package they got. Perhaps they just wanted to trade their equity in for a certain payout rather than the volatility of ownership.


So the spacebar speedup only applies during the tactical game? I was hoping it might apply throughout to speed up that cutscene if desired (although I still don’t mind it myself).


As far as I can tell, yes. Which doesn’t mean that I won’t hit it occasionally. Just to check. :)


I downloaded the beta patch and started a new campaign. I figured I’d hurry through the early game nonsense using my elite mechwarrior skills. After all I’ve beaten this game twice and so the early game should hold no challenge right?

I got past the opening tutorial/Kamea mission no problem. Then In my first mission with my merc team a combo of a DFA from a Spider and a Shadow Hawk unloading on me punched through my CT and lit off my AC/2 ammo. Just totally cored my BlackJack. Stupid AC ammo.


Does anyone else have an issue where F10 no longer works for quick save?


Menu scrolling is still irritatingly borked on my machine.


The stock designs, which put ammo in the torso, are pretty much insane, given that ammo explosions inside the torso (RT, CT and LT) kill the pilot. I always move the ammo to the arms. I wonder why the devs did that - it feels like there is a conflict between the rule about ammo explosions and the stock designs.


My vague recollection is that ammo in the torso is how it is for most of the tabletop stock designs, too. The idea being that those positions are better armored. I don’t recall whether ammo explosions do a preset amount of pilot damage, as is the case in this game.

Personally, I like ammo in the legs.


I don’t think this game models ammo damage correctly. It looks like ammo damage is isolated to the location in question, but in the table top, the ammo damage, after the area is blown up, should spread to the next section of the mech. So, putting ammo in the arms would greatly increase the chance of the arm being blown off, but also, still do damage to the torso.


Really, in the tabletop, unless you don’t have very much ammo or do have CASE, an ammo explosion is pretty much an instakill either way.


I’m pretty sure damage moves towards the middle in this game, too. Having it in the arm does give you the extra “armor” of the arm structural points, in addition to the adjacent torso’s structural points. That usually confines it to a 1 pilot damage, due to the explosion only. A side torso armor explosion is an automatic 2 pilot damage points in this game. But excess damage only moves towards the middle for the remainder of the shot that blew the arm. The subsequent shots must contend with the torso armor before damaging the torso structure. That does make big single weapon damage (e.g., AC/20) superior to many small weapons or missiles, for this particular issue.


Regular damage moves to the center but Ammo Damage does not. As mentioned earlier in tabletop, ammo explosion was pretty much instant kill, and it usually didn’t matter where the ammo was, so you might as well put it in the most protected area of the mech.

Also, called shots are way more powerful in the PC Version.


They treat it as if everything has CASE so damage doesn’t transfer between sections.


So it sounds like an ammo explosion is an automatic 1 pilot injury, and also automatically destroys the section where the ammo explosion occurs. So in the arms or legs you get 1 pilot injury and loss of the limb. In LT or RT you get 2 pilot injuries (1 for the explosion, 1 for loss of the LT or RT) and in CT an ammo explosion is an insta-kill as it destroys the Ct instantly. And as far as I can tell, what triggers an ammo explosion is a crit in on the ammo.

Basically, putting ammo in CT is a death wish, and putting it in LT or RT is setting up for double pilot damage. I stand by my idea of redesigning all custom mechs to get ammo out of the torso.


But only because of the changes to the game design that the PC game made.

On a different note, anyone else found that missions have become a smidge harder, now that a lot of stock mechs suck a lot less? The AI doesn’t overheat as much, especially the Black Knight and the K2- Catapult.


Since I’m still in the early game, I haven’t seen a Catapult or Black Knight yet. I know that obnoxious Commando COM-1B with the Large Laser is a lot punchier than he used to be because he can fire the damn thing about every turn. My Spider is currently in the shop for CT/RT/RA replacement due to that clown.


Wow. Defense: Smithon is a bear. Think I’ll farm mechs for a while longer.

In other news, F10 still not working for saves.


I have a question: do the enemies ever get equipped with + (or ++ or +++) weapons? We can get these weapons as salvage but I noticed this patch has a toggle for that which makes me think that the + weapons are not directly linked to the enemy mechs. I’ve also noticed that the enemy mechs never seem to do bonus damage, even on scenarios when I salvage +++ items.


I think not, because I would notice if a medium laser deals 35 damage, but I have salvaged them.

I think saving a game before the mission ends can change the items ready for salvage.


Edit: Nevermind.
Also: Shortening travel cutscenes, taken from a Reddit thread.

I don’t skip the cutscenes but i do make the travel time go very fast. The true beauty of this game is that it’s very easy to mod. I recommend notepade ++, it’s free and is an amazing tool for many things.

ok so the file you are looking for is in (for me):

C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\BATTLETECH\Battletech_Data\StreamingAssets\data\simGameConstants\SimGameConstants

1)Open SimGameConstants with notepad++

2)Look for:

“Travel” : {

“DefaultSystemTravelTime” : 4,
“DefaultFuelTime” : 3,
“FuelStationFuelTime” : 3,


2)change those 3 values each to 1

3)Next look for time:

“Time” : {

“DayElapseTimeSlow” : 3,
“DayElapseTimeNormal” : 1.25,
“DayElapseTimeFast” : 0.5


change the 3 to a 1, the 1.25 to a .5, and the 0.5 to a .2

These are just the values I use, but you can make them faster or slower depending on the values. They do make the cut scenes easier to endure, since the days past very fast when traveling between planets.

It works for me.