Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)

Assassin or Vulcan. The former because it ignores the first three pips of evasion, the latter because it gives COIL-S weapons extended range with the CQC module.

Phoenix Hawk is also a possibility but you’d have to build up a really odd duck PHX. You’d want to pull the jump jets in favor of more armor or heat sinks since a good COIL mech runs around mostly.

Firestarters are good, but I’d take a good Phoenix Hawk or Wolverine over a Firestarter. It does require a change-up in tactics though which can be a bit jarring. Small mechs jump around and exploit enemies rear armor with very mobile tactics. Heavier mechs rely less on mobility and more on getting into cover and winning slugging matches.

It sounds like you are just verging into heavy-ish medium lance, so a lot of the mobile tactics will still apply. Shadow Hawks make good punchers so feel free to load one with up jump jets and short range weapons and let it wade into close combat. When it overheats just switch to punching.

Thanks - I don’t have an Assassin or Vulcan - but I do have a spare Hawk. Maybe I will try it there.

What about a Jenner? My current Jenner works will jumping into the rear arc and letting loose with SRMs, but wonder if a COIL on a Jenner could be more effective.

Jenner could work if that’s what you’ve got. Strip out the JJs, add some extra heat sinks, and have maximum COIL fun. Which COIL weapon (S/M/L) do you have handy? I ask because the tactics for COIL-M and COIL-S are a bit different. The former keeps a longer range and snipes away while the latter is purely a charge play and pairs nicely with arm mods.

I have COIL-M and COIL-S - but no arm mods yet. I had a rough first 250 days in my campaign as I got used to all the new mechanics in the DLC and mods.

When I first played the game I was all about fighting at range. LRM boats to knock em down, and then gauss shots to finish them. Been enjoying a more brawler style now.

My 2nd mission had one of the disputed salvage results. It was salvage I wasn’t that worried about since I already had a firestarter, so I took the rep bump.

Ok You guys are seiously tempting me to reload this and try Battletech 3025: Commanders Edition. Question on the mod, can you play it with the campaign, or its own campaign?

I didnt enjoy career mode for the game, and the read me on the mod is vague on the issue.

Honestly not sure if you can play the campaign with it. I’m just doing the career mode since I’ve played the campaign before. It has reminded me already how much I disliked convoy attack missions though. I already managed to lose a pilot when a goblin with the convoy I was sprinting to catch took out the ct of my spider.

After a couple more missions I’m almost able to field a lance full of Firestarters. I just put together my 2nd salvaged one. I sold off my spider as I was having trouble finding weapons to stick on it. None of the 4 systems I’ve been to sell lasers. Most of them don’t sell more than ammo and equipment it seems. I’ll need to read up on extended and see if it is something tied to your rep with a faction.

I believe that systems with low populations, or that are uninhabited will not have items for sale, or a very small selection.

How do you find the Steam Workshop for BattleTech? The Workshop is always hard to find, and recent changes have hidden it so well I can’t find it at all now.

They added mod support (as in, it’s easier to change), but not Steam Workshop functionality.

My understanding is that you can use it with the campaign or the career mode - they should be compatible

Yep - no steam workshop support - which is super lame.

Nexus for mods. Install was still pretty easy, if you can get through the brutal maze of logins via Nexus’ broken host.

ohhhhh…i’m toast, no way i can resist now…

Yup, and i just double checked the documentation on Nexus:

Commander’s Edition can be played in Campaign mode.
Commander’s Edition requires a Commander’s Edition specific save, it is not compatible with your previous non Extended CE saves.

Ended up with another salvaged firestarter. I stuck it in storage for now. Currently I have 2 urbies, 2 firestarters, and a locust.

The quirk stuff is a nice addition in the extended mod. That spider I had that ended up with the pilot getting killed, had a faulty eject so even though he wanted to punch out, he had to stay and fight. Poor guy.

Received my first marauder today. My med Lance ran 2.5 star mission, and was hit with two Lance’s with a marauder, thunderbolt, wasp, urbanmech, and hunchback, plus 3 nasty tanks.

Thought about withdrawing, because the AC20s and PPCs were spread around so I couldn’t effectively focus fire and they were shredding me.

Ended up losing an Archer, Shadow Hawk and Dervish… But my one armed Wolverine meleed the last 3 mechs to win… And in so doing I claimed my marauder. Very excited to take it for a spin.

It’s a fantastic and frankly overpowered mech. The default loadout is hot garbage though so refit it before you drop with it . Up the armor and go for 4xML, 2xSL, and some sort of AC. UAC-2 or UAC-5 is good. 2xUAC-2 is about ideal if you want jump jets and good armor. 3xUAC-2 is ideal if you are willing to pass on the jets and run a bit lighter armor. Makes a hell of a headhunter when paired with a high tactics pilot. Plus of course it decreases damage to itself and the rest of your mechs just by being there, so worth fielding it for that alone.

Thanks for the tips. I took it out with a stock loadout last night and, youre right about that being bad. I had it and a wolverine holding down one side of a defense mission against 2 wasps, a grasshopper and a Dervish. The Dervish peeled off the thin armor and the grasshopper punched through. Made it through the mission, but it was beat to hell and the pilot was injured.

Will try your loadout suggestions.

Speaking of Grasshopper… I loaded that thing out to be a souped up Phoenix Hawk/Firestarter combo. Maxed armor, 2ML, 1 LL, then maxxed out the SLs and armor. Gonna see if I can run it has a brawler/hunter