Battletech by Harebrained Schemes (Shadowrun Returns)

How do you find the Steam Workshop for BattleTech? The Workshop is always hard to find, and recent changes have hidden it so well I can’t find it at all now.

They added mod support (as in, it’s easier to change), but not Steam Workshop functionality.

My understanding is that you can use it with the campaign or the career mode - they should be compatible

Yep - no steam workshop support - which is super lame.

Nexus for mods. Install was still pretty easy, if you can get through the brutal maze of logins via Nexus’ broken host.

ohhhhh…i’m toast, no way i can resist now…

Yup, and i just double checked the documentation on Nexus:

Commander’s Edition can be played in Campaign mode.
Commander’s Edition requires a Commander’s Edition specific save, it is not compatible with your previous non Extended CE saves.

Ended up with another salvaged firestarter. I stuck it in storage for now. Currently I have 2 urbies, 2 firestarters, and a locust.

The quirk stuff is a nice addition in the extended mod. That spider I had that ended up with the pilot getting killed, had a faulty eject so even though he wanted to punch out, he had to stay and fight. Poor guy.

Received my first marauder today. My med Lance ran 2.5 star mission, and was hit with two Lance’s with a marauder, thunderbolt, wasp, urbanmech, and hunchback, plus 3 nasty tanks.

Thought about withdrawing, because the AC20s and PPCs were spread around so I couldn’t effectively focus fire and they were shredding me.

Ended up losing an Archer, Shadow Hawk and Dervish… But my one armed Wolverine meleed the last 3 mechs to win… And in so doing I claimed my marauder. Very excited to take it for a spin.

It’s a fantastic and frankly overpowered mech. The default loadout is hot garbage though so refit it before you drop with it . Up the armor and go for 4xML, 2xSL, and some sort of AC. UAC-2 or UAC-5 is good. 2xUAC-2 is about ideal if you want jump jets and good armor. 3xUAC-2 is ideal if you are willing to pass on the jets and run a bit lighter armor. Makes a hell of a headhunter when paired with a high tactics pilot. Plus of course it decreases damage to itself and the rest of your mechs just by being there, so worth fielding it for that alone.

Thanks for the tips. I took it out with a stock loadout last night and, youre right about that being bad. I had it and a wolverine holding down one side of a defense mission against 2 wasps, a grasshopper and a Dervish. The Dervish peeled off the thin armor and the grasshopper punched through. Made it through the mission, but it was beat to hell and the pilot was injured.

Will try your loadout suggestions.

Speaking of Grasshopper… I loaded that thing out to be a souped up Phoenix Hawk/Firestarter combo. Maxed armor, 2ML, 1 LL, then maxxed out the SLs and armor. Gonna see if I can run it has a brawler/hunter

I just got my Marauder, and you are right about the headshots. I got one right off the bat in its first mission. I do not have and UAC’s yet, so its AC5, LL, Med Pulse Laser, and 2 ML. However its overlapping a bit with my Highlander, who was previously my critical-shot mech with the Gauss/LRM20.

Once I finish this playthrough, I’m stocked about doing a 3025 modded playthrough.

I’m still playing my grasshopper with my Assault Mechs. I have 2 Highlanders, 1 battlemaster, and the grasshopper

I have it built to do +30 and -30 to self for DFA, and I have it kitted with +77 melee damage upgrades, I maxed out the Small lasers and its a sprinting DFA killing machine! LOL. I have the armor almost maxed out, so its just as armored as my assault mechs (especially the legs).

I don’t have mine as fully kitted as yours, but I use my Grasshopper in all missions. Jumps in and obliterates the rear torso or side of any mech. Works well with an LRM boat that strips armor off the enemy.

Based on some advice from QT3 about the similarly quick Dragon, I skipped the Grasshopper and focused more on firepower (T-bolts and then to the Orion). I think I missed something good tho.

Right now I run Highlander with Guass and LRM20 as longer ranged sniper, Marauder as a long-medium ranged headhunter, a Battlemaster as a flanker, and either an Awesome or Stalker slow-walking massive firepower. I’m at the point where I am about to do the last couple of campaign missions after I finish tweeking them builds with my latest finds (heat exchangers and heat dumps)

Had a glorious battle fighting a awesome, atlas and longbow who where shredding my squad, desperate I used my grasshopper to bounce between the longbow (which is silly deadly) and the Atlas. Managed to take them both down but lost my DFA damage boost. I decided not to replay since I got all three pieces of the Longbow, which is a LRM monster!

The Grasshopper got another melee damage upgrade, making the preview bar peg out. One hit to the side now takes out a arm of a heavy and most assaults.

My new Longbow is slow as freck, but indirect fire is INSANE, 4 20 LRMS (okay maybe only 3 Ill have to check) and a 10 LRM. Shreds armor real quick with the grasshopper jumping into the middle of bad guys with insane evasion and the longbow shredding enemies from extreme range my Highlander and BattleMaster are usually still running into range for a few turns while my grasshopper and longbow ruin some bad buy lances day…

My LB is running two 20LRM and two 5LRM… but It has too much heat management and i’m pretty sure I can remove some heat sinks and some armor to upgrade those to 10LRM’s.

I played a battle last night against 2 assault mechs, when Comstar jumped in with 4 med/heavy. I kept my mechs back while the groups engaged one another, then I jumped my grasshopper in to cap mechs while the longbow softened everyone up. My Orion and Marauder did nearly nothing.

Good times!

Sadly, the Dragon is such a poor choice in Battle tech. All the 55 ton mechs have better free tonnage then the dragon, and lighter jump jets. The dragon can have higher max armor, but that just means even less tonnage.

On the last mission now. 2nd to last I fielded a Marauder (headshot king), Highlander (long distance delivery), Battlemaster (relatively quick, and lots of firepower) and a Orion with an AC20 and jump jets. It was pretty challenging based on map layout.

The final battle I can only take 3 so its Marauder/Highlander/Battlemaster plus the NPC Atlas. Just began it so wish me luck!

I’m curious what makes a Marauder your headshot king? It seems like the grasshopper with 7 energy hardpoints and the fact that its a fast mover/jumper, make it more ideal. Add 7 ML++ with 10 damage and you have the perfect headshot beast. Its also got enough space to house a TTL++ for energy weapons and outfitted with a sharpshooter classed mech warrior is the best chance of headshot ive seen.

Though on the right planets my alt grasshopper with arm and leg mods, and all flames (7 of them). shut down any enemy mech for a turn, which i find way more reliable in the right circumstance, as the headshot trick seems to be 1/4 as best as i can tell.

Good luck on your battle, that last mission is a monster as i recall, and still dreading it even with my Kingcrab, Atlas and Highlander decked out.

Marauder has a built in Lance Command Module the literally DOUBLES the called shot chance. I don’t want to take anything away from the Grasshopper, which is a fine mech, but the Marauder is in fact the undisputed head shot king.