Just saw this on XBLM. ‘From the creators of Devil May Cry’.

The trailer in SD.

So… what the fuck?

Did Sega decide that they didn’t have enough disturbing crotch shots in Golden Axe, or is this all a complex self-mocking joke?


Plus the environments and the angel enemy theme seem ripped straight from Devil May Cry 4.

I’m not feelin it.


Well of course it’s ripped from DMC4. The dude invented the DMC series. It’s his DMC++, basically.

I have no problem with Japanese crotch shot-o-rama, personally. And yes, there is some kind of self-mockery involved. Except the guy seems so sincere about his simple love for sexy babes kicking ass – what was Tom’s phrase from the Movies forum on the Underworld thread? CITOKSA? Chicks In Tight Outfits Kicking Some Ass? – that I am fine with him indulging his fetish in full view. Maybe he’s the R. Crumb of the Japanese angel/devil action genre.


I just hope it won’t have retarded jumping puzzles like DMC4.


Oh my god, the voice acting. It makes brains bleed.


For some reason I’m reminded of the scene in This is Spinal Tap where they get confused about the difference between “sexist” and “sexy.” The same confusion seems to afflict a lot of developers. Japanese ones, in particular. You’d think Hideki Kamiya would be able to get laid now and then.


Oh and I agree that the voice acting is horrendous. After Okami and Viewtiful Joe I had high hopes for Platinum (nee Clover.) Pathetic.


Come on, surely someone appreciates the way her special attack maneuvers REQUIRE the removing of her clothing. That’s inspired, right? Right?

I think the real question is how she manages to fire those guns on her feet. Use her toes you think? Some type of achilles tendon trigger? Mind control?


I just like the camerawork that involves swinging down between her legs and stopping just short of insertion before coming back up. It’s tasteful.


There has got to be a pretty high level of self-mocking in that trailer or else its creator is absolutely insane. Most of its craziness made me smile, but the under the crotch shot made me laugh out loud. It’s either woefully sexist or hilariously stupid, and considering I get more enjoyment out of the latter, I’m going to assume that.


So the difference between this and Quentin Tarantino is???


An awesome soundtrack?


entertaining dialogue?




The “hardcore gaming community” (NeoGAF) realizes the stupidity of throwing praise at something like this and claiming that casual stuff like Ubi Babies or Wii Music defames the medium, right?


The beginning of this thread has a lot of people talking about DMC4, but just to clarify, “this guy” (Hideki Kamiya) directed DMC but had virtually nothing to do with 2-4.


This will be the next God Hand, and I’m perfectly ok with that.


You know, I watched this last weekend and the entire time all I could muster is “WTF?!?”


Based on the demo that just hit the Japanese PSN/Live stores, it categorically is not that.

It is, however, pretty great. I’ll definitely be picking it up.


Heh… it isn’t from a gameplay standpoint, but I bet it will be from a cult classic standpoint.