BBC's Top Gear: Now with 100% Less Clarkson

In what universe is iplayer spyware and YouTube isn’t?

I never liked the series (despise Clarkson, not a fan of cars in general), but i had a curious little look just because of all the manufactured (it feels) bro-ha about the change. It felt pretty stale, like the old series. I still am not a fan of cars (in these climate change times), especially ‘petrol-head’ (penis replacement) type cars, or their fans (whom seem very irresponsible over their own kids futures imho).

So yeah, not something i’ll be watching (supporting) any time soon. But atleast you don’t have quite as big a bigot making tons of money from my licence fee, for which i’m very happy.

There are so many more important things in this world than Top Gear imho. YMMV off course.

Zak, CO2 is much more complex than saying “someone who loves cars hates the environment”.

Do you insist on buying locally grown produce? Do you buy fruit out of season? How many things do you buy that are manufactured in China? Do you ever fly anywhere, or do you take high speed rail as much as possible? Do you buy an EV over a second hand conventionally efficient car?

My car is 11 years old. I intend to keep it for as long as it remains possible to maintain it. It will always be more efficient than an EV that uses lithium batteries when full lifecycle co2 emissions are calculated, given that I drive 2-3,000 miles per year.

Last time I used iPlayer on my PC, many years ago, I had to download some stupid downloader that would continually ask to update itself. Projecting on from what it was like then, I’d imagined it’d gone full-Itunes or Adobe Flash and just be some perpetual nagware.

I bit the bullet to watch Extra Gear and it’s pretty much the same as it was.

Still: The fact that I need a downloader is a pain. It’s a file. My browser downloads files. I’m downloading on right now! Why can’t I just download extra gear as a file? (Actually, I think there might be a good reason here: iPlayer uses p2p downloads, right? I think the BBC should switch to normal torrents. That way the shows will actually stay up rather than being taken down after 30 days)

Eh? The reason the shows are taken down after 30 days is because that’s what’s in their licensing agreements. Also as far as I’m aware you don’t need to download anything to watch the streams, only if you want to download the DRMed files. And the streams use HTML5 if Flash isn’t installed.

Woof, this take is smoking it is so hot.

How much smug does your car emit though?

99 grams per/km, but having owned a number of vehicles from a VW camper (i was young and surfing) to a Merc 220 (i had a good plan i thought) prior to the new one, i know i should not be casting stones in my glass house. The merc lived for 8 years, and had pretty low milage (90,000 odd), and the plan had been to use discarded chip fat from the local chip shops to power it until it died. Sadly a dead engine cut that plan short, and while i want an EV (a Renault Zoe), my location and electrics are not up to it currently.

But seriously, guys and their cars are about the least interesting thing in the world. Less interesting than talking about the weather (even before it went bat shit insane!), less interesting than watching paint dry, less interesting than football. I’ve always hated it, and i’ve always hated those chaps (and i am aware there may be some here) conversations that seem to need to be about cars, like all that torque and CC size is going to make up for the times they were shit in bed! It creeps me out.

Jeremy Clarkson is another aspect altogether. I might hate him more than the car stuff? But combined it is like some hell sent demon cross dresser (that’s Jeremy) with penis issues is trying to offset it all on big fast cars that are a large part of what is killing the future for our children. Despicable. I could go on, but really this is just about how lame/samey the new Top Gear is, i just have a deeper appreciation of it.

Why did you watch it Zak? I’m thinking you might not be the target audience.

So he could tell everyone who likes it how terrible it and, by extension, they are.

I don’t like American Idol or Survivor. Thus, I don’t watch them or read threads about them. Or post in said threads. Call me crazy.

Now I’m all for irrationally hating things (it’s one of the skills I tagged at an early age), but you may be on the verge of developing a psychosis here. Tread carefully, brother.

I bluster hard, but not too hard :) Sometimes it sounds painful, but rarely does my blood-pressure rise above normal.

I watched the new show out of interest in the change (not that big a change), and yes like with regular old style ‘Bigots’ Top Gear, will not be watching any more.

As i said i’ve owned a bunch of cars (so don’t blame anyone more than myself), it is what you do post 1950’s isn’t it? But that is exactly the problem, and we need to change the way we think about our cars, we really do, it would also be helpful for the car manufacturers to help in that shift. Climate change is not not happening, and when you see our roads and motorways full of CO2 (and other toxins) polluting cars it seems a good place to start some positive action. Sure we should look at other things too (Agriculture for example), but cars are a very easy big step we can all make.

Now having this sort of conversation with Jeremy Clarkson (or possibly Mat la blanc and Chris Evans?) is basically impossible because he is an idiot (to put it bluntly). People like that are a problem, more so now than ever. I will let you all get back to your penis…erm car appreciation discussions ;)

Rumor is that Matt LeBlanc is threatening to leave the show if Chris Evans is not fired, though the rumors may have been started by Top Gear haters.

— Alan

Top Gear haters?

Zak, are you going around starting rumors? :P

Evans has quit, burying it in the wave of much more newsworthy resignations recently the UK.

Well, that didn’t take too long. Probably for the better. Did the season already end or will he continue till the end of it?

BBC’s Top Gear: Now with 100% Less Evans?

Chris Harris, Rory Reid and Joey in the next season and I’m happy. The Chris and Rory bits were the best of the series and LeBlanc is likeable…

Jordan was hopeless, and Sabine unintelligible at times, so they can join Evans.

His tweet announcing his departure has more likes than anything else he’s tweeted. FACT.

I don’t think Evans ever fully committed to Top Gear, he was more interested in working on his radio show. One of the things that was amazing about Clarkson, like him or not, is that he worked himself to the bone on the show. Rewriting scripts, changing lines, all minutes before air. The show was his baby. I don’t think they have found that type of ownership from the new cast yet.

Speaking of Clarkson, Amazon recently revealed that The Grand Tour is coming out this autumn

Finally. They signed that deal with Amazon ages ago, and the only thing we’ve seen in Clarkson popping in an Amazon video about their drones.